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WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!


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  • Trip Report WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!

    Hello everybody! A few days ago I got back from an amazing vacation to Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line for my senior trip. To WDW I went with my mom and a bunch of friends, and then for the cruise it was just me and my mom. I have already done the Cruise trip report which you can find right here.
    I was absolutely blown away by the Dream, cannot wait to go back on another Disney Cruise. But now it is time for my WDW Trip report, so I hope you enjoy!

    Day 1
    We stayed at the Contemporary Resort. It was my first time to stay there, and I loved the convenience of it. The rooms were also very nice.

    First we went over to Magic Kingdom

    5 minute wait for Mickey and Minnie!

    then we wandered around a little before making our way to the Haunted Mansion

    as we were making our way towards the front of the park there was just a 5 minute wait for the princesses also, so we hopped in line for that

    next we went over to Epcot

    Dinner was as Via Napoli. It was very good!

    after a while we went back over to Magic Kingdom. We saw The Memories, The Magic, and You! It was amazing! I loved the projection effects on the castle!

    then Wishes

    After that the park closed, so we went back to the hotel. Well thats it for day 1. I'll be back soon with day 2!

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    Re: WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!

    I LOVE your pictures. I'm going in 9 days as a senior trip gift from my dad as well, how ironic! Can't wait to see more!


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      Re: WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!

      Day 2

      Well for day 2 we did something that we had never done before... we went to Universal Studios. The main reason was just to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We were there for park opening and then went straight to Harry Potter!

      mmm so good..

      i bought a wand. don't judge me.

      we ate lunch at Mythos which was really good!

      Well we had a really good time at Universal, and I loved Wizarding World of Harry Potter! It wasn't too crowded, so we got to do just about everything that we wanted to do. Universal Studios wasn't exactly my favorite, but the rides were good. Islands of Adventure was pretty cool though! In the afternoon we decided to go back to Disney World, so we went back to the hotel and then over to DHS.

      At Hollywood Studios, we were wandering around, and we happened upon American Idol Experience. It was around 5, so I didn't think they would still have auditions going on but it turned out that they did. So I impulsively went in and auditioned! I had recently sung Go the Distance at a school event, so I auditioned with that song. I got past the first round, and then in the second round of auditions they asked if I would be interested in performing in the next day's show. Knowing that the next day was the grand opening of Star Tours, I immediately agreed! Of course I would have said yes no matter what. I picked out Go the Distance to sing onstage since I was already so comfortable with it.

      After that we went on ToT and RRC. Then it as time for our dinner reservations at La Hacienda over at Epcot.

      the restaurants was delicious! and our reservations were late, so we were able to watch Illuminations from the restaurant. Then the fireworks started at Hollywood Studios for some event for the opening of Star Tours, so we got to watch those too!

      then we went back to the hotel to be well rested for the next day!

      Alright coming up is me performing in the American Idol experience and the grand opening of Star Tours!
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        Re: WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!

        Nice pics. Looking forward to more.

        No matter where you go, there you are.


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          Re: WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!

          Looks like you had a great time! We just got back we went May 12-22 and I think I saw you once or twice at the Magic Kingdom. Dont remember which day tho


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            Re: WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!

            Day 3

            Day 3 was just awesome. First of all I was just excited about Star Tours. There is something very special about being in a park on opening day of new attraction. There is such a feeling of excitement and anticipation! Then add that I was performing that day... I could hardly contain myself! so lets begin!

            We heard that it was going to be incredibly packed even at park opening, so we tried to get there well before park opening. When we got there the park was already open.

            no wait for Toy Story Mania, so we got right on that! then we got fastpasses for Star Tours!

            waiting area set up for later in the day

            then we went back to toy story!

            then we had to meet the American Idol people at the park entrance so that they could make sure i was still going to be performing. After talking to them for a few minutes we went over to ToT and RRc

            then we met some characters!

            The park was starting to get pretty crazy, and I needed to try to find some way to get to the other side of the park, so we camped out between the Great Movie Ride and the stage where we were able to see all of the Star Wars Characters and George Lucas as they were coming on and off the stage!

            then I walked in front of the stage so that I could watch the show. Once it was finished it was time for me to go backstage. Since it was o crazy I was the first person at the meeting location. I even beat the cast member in charge of us! but soon everyone was together and we made our way back. Once we were all settled I met with the vocal coach who helped me out with my song, and then I went into hair and makeup. Then it was finally time to perform!

            waiting for the results...

            and I won!!!

            The show was so much fun, and both of the people I competed with were very talented. We had so much fun backstage! After the show I got to talk to see a bunch of my friends who I didn't think were going to be able to make it to the show! so that was pretty exciting. We were late for our lunch reservations at Sci-Fi, but there wasn't any problem getting in. After lunch we had a lot of time to kill before the finale show, so we took things slow and enjoyed all that the star wars weekend had to offer.

            going over to the big Star Wars store we were able to see a different side of the Tower of Terror.

            By then it was time for our fastpasses for Star Tours! The ride was great! I loved it!

            Pretty soon it was time to go back to AIE to get ready for the finale. Once backstage we all just went through hair and makeup again then we just got to hang out in the air-conditioned room while witting on the nice couches. It was very nice after being in the terrible heat all day.

            I was up first once again

            apparently something wasn't working or they weren't ready, so I had an extremely long interview. The host even asked me to walk to the center and then come back for more interviewing. He said it was the longest interview ever on the show.

            Once again everybody was extremely talented. It was a really good show! So it was time for the results..

            they lined us all up and two people were asked to sit back down. Luckily I was not one of those two.

            and then one more was asked to sit down..

            then it was time to announce the winner. I didn't win.

            Even though I lost, I was very excited that I got second place! I had so much fun performing! The rest of the trip I felt like a celebrity because people kept coming up to me to say that they voted for me or saw me perform. That was pretty cool.

            As if we hadn't had a long enough day already, we went over to Epcot for extra magic hours. After that it was time to go to sleep.

            Ok thats it for day 3! Check back soon for more!


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              Re: WDW Senior Trip! Star Tours, American Idol Experience, and tons of Disney magic!

              That's great that you got that far! And loving the TR so far
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