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How to Fix Dino-Rama?

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  • [Idea] How to Fix Dino-Rama?

    After seeing the thread recounting how disliked that section of the park is, the remaining question is what to do with it?
    Personally, I feel that the flaw is not with the theme itself, but how the theme is presented. In each of the lands of the Animal Kingdom, we see man's relationship to animal. In Africa, we see how we need to protect nature, and in Asia, we see how nature can protect itself. In Dinoland, we see how man can interpret animals, in both realistic and fantastic ways. I find the contrast between the academic Dino Institute and the folksy Chester and Hester to be really fun, and it shows off how we as a culture have obsessed over dinosaurs to the point where they are literally larger than life.
    What I do NOT like is how the Dino-Rama section doesn't really show off any imagination like the rest, nor does it compliment the rest of the land.
    Look at the gift shop next door: it has plenty of down home charm and a folksy simplicity that does fit in with the intense detail found elsewhere in the park. You really get a sense of two simple folks trying to show their enthusiasm for a subject, even if they don't have the talent to really make it work. In contrast, Dino-Rama has low budget that looks...normal low budget. There isn't a real since of artistry in this area, or a real sense of the imagination of the common man. For example, every -osaurus at Restaurantosaurus is unique and different, unlike how every time you see Dino-Rama! it's exactly the same font, even in the license plate planters.
    Secondly, Dino-Rama sticks out like a sore thumb. Most people probably think that that's all this land has to offer, and that's not really the case. Dinosaurs have been given a pop culture status of pure awesomeness, but they were real animals, and should be shown as such. Without that balance, this land looks less thought out than Camp Minnie-Mickey.
    Okay, with the problems of Dino-Rama in mind, what can be done about it? Let's use this thread:How could this area reclaim the balance it needs? And please, don't just say "tear it down." While the place does have it's flaws, it does help one of Animal Kingdom's big flaws: a general lack of rides. You can destroy the carnival look, but leave the machinery in place if you can. Try and re-theme them, or if they must be torn down, try and put something that fills it's void (kids ride for Tricera-Top, simple thrill ride for Primeval Whirl).
    Alright, let's see what happens

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    Re: How to Fix Dino-Rama?

    Dinoland USA, as a whole, is a jumbled mess in theming. Think current Tomorrowland which is a jumbled mess of aliens, rocket ships, and racing cars. "Dinosaur" seems to stand out on its own. There's nothing around that attraction that shares a similarity in theme or style while the rest of the land seems to go for that roadside look. The only thing I can suggest is to redo the land in a way where the theming WILL tie together.

    Dinosaur digging is done in the desert areas, perhaps the entire landscape should be rethemed with more of a desert landscape in mind (backdrop with cliffs like in Carsland).

    Instead of being a jumbled tongue-in-cheek tribute to dinosaurs, the new themed can be centered around the modern time discovery and research of dinosaurs in the American desert. I know you don't want me to say "tear it down" but I dunno of any other options. One thing that could be done is to ease up on all the tackiness to make it more authentic as a roadside area designed with dinosaurs in mind. I think that's hurting the Dinorama area more than helping.

    I do have an idea in my mind of a ride going with the desert theme where you're in a car or train or something and you tour the insides of a canyon or a dark cave and you discover well preserved giant dinosaur remains or an ice cave with prehistoric mammals frozen in ice. Or it could be just a walkthrough attraction.

    That's all I got for now.


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      I wouldn't call it an Idea thread if I didn't have some Ideas of my own.

      I will divide my solutions into 3 sections, Tricera-Top Spin, Primeval Whirl, and the games in the back.

      Tricera-Top Spin:
      First and foremost, I would cut back on the queue covering and allow some real plants to grow in. The actual ride itself I don't have much issue with, it's just such a shame that the first impression many get of Dinoland involves a big plastic top. I would just cover it with plants and maybe a nice sign talking about seeing the Dino Institute, with Chester and Hester graffiti. on the other side, I would add some ground marking to create a small driveway into the parking lot, and I would move the Dino-Rama sign back till it connected Tricera-Top and Primeval Whirl.

      Primeval Whirl:
      There were plans for a rollercoaster in Dinoland, and I think this might be a fun place to bring it back. The backside of the coaster would be replaced with a rockpile/hill, with the peak leading up the upramp of the track closest to the road. This rockwork would allow the cars to go in and out of caves, adding a bit more thrill. The entire coaster as a whole would be rethemed to resemeble the Dino Institute's first dig site, before they moved on to the Boneyard. Then Chester and Hester took over, and made it into a rollercoaster, complete with Dinosaur sculptures made out of old tools. And that feature take me to.

      The Rest of the Park:
      Basically, the real issue is the lack of any individual artistry. All of the dinosaurs are too professional in appearance to really look like a small amusement park. The dinosaur statues look too warm and friendly, they don't have that fake statue look that bad roadside dinosaur statues have. Cementosaurus would need to have his eyes repainted to give them that dead look. I would also take the games, the statues, and anything else, and have them redone to resemble real folk art. They could even create a booth where local artists create dinosaur themed art which gets placed inside Dino-Rama, giving them a new fun attraction of sorts.
      I think that these changes would greatly improve the look of Dino-Rama, while allowing the fun part of the area continue to debate with the stuffy scientists.


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        Re: How to Fix Dino-Rama?

        OK, by the show of hands how many people have been to an actual "Dino Institute"? Like, say, Dinosaur National Monument in Utah or perhaps the one I cannot remember the name of in New Mexico? These are legit places, such as our fictional, yet entertaining Dinosaur Institute that are in towns that have the oddball roadside America attractions which Chester and Hesters is based off of. Look at it like that. I think just because of that the area is magical. So what if the dinosaur statues look a bit more friendly than what you pass going 80-90 mph down I-40, I think the cutesy cartoony look is for the best.
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