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The WDW flaw update thread


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  • News The WDW flaw update thread

    This is the thread for us picky, picky, picky OCD types, who unrealistically expect heavenly perfection in Disney parks. (Yes, we know that YOU only see what's right with WDW. No need to share that, thank you.)

    Please update us with flaws that should be repaired, particularly those mentioned by Kevin Yee, such as the 20 audioanimatronic animals that were not working in Splash Mountain. Kevin detailed this in mid-June 2011 Miceage & Youtube updates.

    And, of course, please update us also if you notice that something that had been malfunctioning has been repaired so we can embarrass ourselves by celebrating like witch-rescued munchkins.

    So, what's still not moving in Splash Mountain that ought to be?
    Is the large, ugly, cheap-looking tarp still covering a wall in Big Thunder?
    Is the Yeti still catatonic and into disco?
    Last edited by jcruise86; 06-16-2011, 06:04 PM. Reason: to emphasize repairs along with the flaws

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    Re: The WDW flaw update thread

    Maybe it's the fact that I am sitting in a bloody tent in the middle east, maybe it's the fact that I almost got blown up recently, or maybe its the fact that I just like to escape reality and have fun, but I think y'all have to much time on your hands...
    He felt like his life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.
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      Re: The WDW flaw update thread

      Agreed to the above poster! Way too much time on our hands. Sure there are flaws with WDW, but what park doesn't have them? Disneyland / World isn't heaven for crying out loud. Things aren't going to be perfect or near perfect for that matter, so stop expecting them to be.
      Hoping to raise enough money to go to DL from Pennsylvania with my wife for our 5 year anniversary. (We went there on our honeymoon!)

      If you would like to contribute to the cause for a relatively poor private school teacher. Please private message me. I'd be very thankful.


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        Re: The WDW flaw update thread

        ORGOCH: No, it ain't that us complainin' types got too much time on our dang hands! If anything, we ain't got 'nuff time on our hands 'cause I'm sure there's even MORE ta complain 'bout we don't know 'bout, yet! But soon as we can dig 'em up, we'll complain 'bout them, too, an' be dang proud a the fact we found somethin' certain others didn't!!


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          Re: The WDW flaw update thread

          ORDDU: Well, I'm here to complain about the fact that I can't seem to find Tarzan out and about any longer! What did that awful plain Jane person do with him, anyway. Meetings and Greetings aren't the same without my favorite man in a loin cloth around any longer.


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            Re: The WDW flaw update thread

            ORWEN: Well, I'm here to complain about the quality of the food at the Disney theme parks. They've wrung the taste out of just about everything and the portions are getting smaller!

            ORGOCH: Well, ya oughtta be glad 'bout all that, Jenny Craig!!!! Bothered ta weigh in all that blubber ya got hangin' on ya, lately? The way I see it, Walt Dizzy Whirl's doin' ya a favor! If'n ya cain't curb yer appetite the way ya should, Walt Dizza Whirl's there ta do it fer ya!

            (Sounds of snaps and slaps followed by moans and groans....)


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              Re: The WDW flaw update thread

              HOw about we complain about the real world too. That way the real world and Disney World be seen side by side and others can see why others overlook the flaws. Who's game?
              He felt like his life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.
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                Re: The WDW flaw update thread

                We're going to stay at Pop Century for the first time. One concern I have is no cover over the bus station at the resort. That seems like a pretty simple fix for the comfort and safety of waiting passengers.


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                  Re: The WDW flaw update thread

                  Well, since you asked...

                  Magic Kingdom
                  Main Street U.S.A.

                  Cracks are everywhere near the trolley tracks.
                  The light bulbs have been replaced with the wrong color temperature, making the entire area look colder and decidedly un-American.
                  The area still needs more trees since they cut half of them down 8 years ago.
                  Main Street needs the cinema back.
                  There is no way re-painting is taking place every night, and they usually aren't even stripping off the old paint before applying a new coat.
                  There is a bird bath fountain that was converted into a planter that exists to the right of the new store on the right where the meet n greets exit into.
                  Half of the penny games don't work in the train station anymore.
                  The railroad itself needs some major TLC, the experience is pathetic, especially when compared with Disneyland's Railroad. There isn't enough to see, and what you do see is sometimes stuff you shouldn't, like going under a highway overpass.

                  The new bridge has a sign that was printed on plastic. I'm not sure how that passed. The new bridge also needs torches.
                  The Adventureland Veranda Restaurant needs something to replace it. Maybe put a new restaurant themed to something like the Adventurers Club there.
                  The torches are not working, in fact, one is MIA, on top of the Sunshine Tree Terrace.
                  Shruken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats are in a sad state of repair, with almost no effects working.
                  The Jungle Cruise still needs to bring back the real guns out here. If Disneyland can do it, and Great Movie Ride still does it, there is no reason that they can't do it.
                  There is a random chair missing in the left queue in Pirates. It's at a table.
                  Pirates needs new upgraded audio everywhere. You can hear the horrible quality.
                  Pirates' moon projector in the battle sequence is not working.
                  Pirates just needs to get rid of the speedramp and install stairs.
                  The lighting is all too bright in Pirates. You can see the ceiling now.
                  Pirates needs the storm sequence updated.
                  Pirates needs upgraded animatronics.
                  Pirates needs more animatronics.

                  Black tarp is over a spot where there is supposed to be a rock in Big Thunder Mountain's 3rd lift.
                  The geysers at Big Thunder's Exit path haven't worked in years.
                  Half the bulbs are out on the finale showboat in Splash Mountain, plus all the stuff Kevin Mentioned.
                  Half of the flickering bulbs have been replaced with CFL bulbs that don't flicker. The bulbs on the river front were replaced with these too.
                  Country Bears has no audio on one channel for the left Henry. It's almost impossible to hear him.
                  Tom Sawyer Island is in a sad state. Too much to list really.
                  We seem to be missing some canoes...

                  Liberty Square
                  Nothing is in Diamond Horseshoe...
                  Nothing replaced the Keelboats...
                  CFL bulbs replaced the normal bulbs (These should be gas lamps anyway)
                  There is a walkway between a planter and the riverboat exit which is far too small and needs to be widened, especially during parade time. It's a major safety issue.
                  Effects on the river need to be fixed, there's not enough to see on the riverboat now.
                  The Haunted Mansion needs to be re-haunted now that they added a cartoony queue and finale sequence.

                  I'll skip Fantasyland, but only because it's being re-built. However, I will note that they didn't do enough with Pooh's facade, as you can still see the castle wall facade behind it. It shouldn't be that way. It looks like they ran out of money. And the tea cups lost their lights on top.

                  The PeopleMover lighting was never programmed correctly. Maybe spend some money to do what it was designed to do.
                  Lighting should be added to the outside of Space Mountain at night, and light the darn thing up green like it was designed to be.
                  Buzz Lightyear has a purple wall in the queue. No one knows why. There used to be props there.
                  Buzz also has a major lack of fog in the building, which is very necessary to see the lasers.
                  The vehicles in Buzz need some TLC, they're all beat up.
                  All of Buzz needs to be cleaned, and probably repainted. All you have to do is go in the queue and look up to see how disgusting it is.
                  Some effects are not working in Stitch's Great Escape, and that attraction needs all the help it can get.
                  Space Mountain still needs a proper rehab, but until then, the cast members need to be trained how to deal with an interactive queue. They have no clue.
                  Carousel of Progress needs to be updated, and the animatronics need to be refreshed. Some of them look like plastic, and the audio isn't quite in sync.

                  And that's just Magic Kingdom. And I only did attractions, I didn't touch shops or restaurants.

                  Sad day.


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                    Re: The WDW flaw update thread

                    If you aren't the nit picky type, then start a thread about what you love in the Disney Parks.
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                      Re: The WDW flaw update thread

                      Originally posted by KingEric View Post
                      If you aren't the nit picky type, then start a thread about what you love in the Disney Parks.
                      Exactly, I aren't exactly nit picky but show elements that aren't working and certain details like chipping paint SHOULD be remedied as SOON AS POSSIBLE with ABSOLUTELY NO just ruins whatever experience that WDW was trying to convey on the ride, Disney is about show, and things like that really are bad show...

                      @Coastierox: I know it seems nit-picky from where your sitting atm, trust me I was in your position last year, but in many people's minds including my own some of these issues need to be fixed ASAP because they do ruin the show, and if I pay a premium price I EXPECT a premium product, and with some of these seemingly nit-picky items it really doesn't give me my premium product that I've come to expect and have previously gotten from Disney...

                      Edit: and I'm sorry Costierox I should have said this earlier, thank you for serving...
                      Last edited by ORD84; 06-16-2011, 11:55 AM.
                      The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.
                      -George S. Patton


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                        Re: The WDW flaw update thread

                        haha well done bill...

                        I guess there are way too many problems for a supposedly elite amusement park.

                        Two words: the prices

                        With all the flaws, that is the biggest flaw.
                        Hoping to raise enough money to go to DL from Pennsylvania with my wife for our 5 year anniversary. (We went there on our honeymoon!)

                        If you would like to contribute to the cause for a relatively poor private school teacher. Please private message me. I'd be very thankful.


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                          Re: The WDW flaw update thread

                          ORDDU: Just because some of us find fault with the Disney parks doesn't make us Disney haters. Far from it. We're actually Disney lovers. But you can compare us to a spouse who dearly loves their marriage partner but who has also become so close to them we see both their good points along with their flaws. It's not a negative to point out said flaws. In fact, to ignore them is to be like an ostrich with its head in the sand. We don't expect Disney theme parks to be perfect--just NEAR perfect. And when we see how certain things COULD be improved but AREN'T improved--due to bad decisions in management, we're here to try and save Disney theme parks from the villains who don't care a thing about it. So it's not that we're Disney Haters. We are, instead, Disney MANAGEMENT Haters because those are the one's who are ruining an otherwise good experience for everyone.


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                            Re: The WDW flaw update thread

                            New Splash Mountain problem I noticed 2 days ago: In the queue Brer Frog is supposed to be projected on the wall. Instead there is just the logo of the brand of projector.

                            Outside of MK, the major problem I noticed was, surprisingly, on Star Tours. Yes, a brand new ride already has a rather glaring error. The Patrick Warburton droid (you know, the one who scans you as you pass) has the screen that's supposed to display the people waiting in line just showing a "No Input!" message and the projector's logo. Rode the ride 3 times on Monday and each time it was broken. Which is really a shame, because I love Patrick and I love ST, but seeing the effect in such sorry shape is depressing.

                            On the plus side, IASW was in great shape following its rehab.
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                              For over a decade starting in the summer of 1972, Walt Disney World was my favorite place in the world.

                              Since my then 14-month-old and I started going to Disneyland in 2006, that has become my favorite man-made place. I worked there in the 80s and loved it then, but it seemed to have been spruced up even more for its 50th anniversary and has remained excellent since then. I've also been to Tokyo Disneyland and know how wonderful a Disney park can be.

                              I took my wife to Disneyland (for her first time) on our first date. (Today is our 9th anniversary, so thanks Disney for the positive start.) After about 55-60 visits to Disneyland between 2006 to 2010, we're in the middle of a two-year break from it. When we return I'm sure I'll appreciate what's excellent in Disneyland more than ever.

                              I don't actually expect perfection, but I want to take my family to WDW, and I'd like the Magic Kingdom to go for a Ritz Carlton/Disneyland/Four Seasons/Tokyo Disneyland level of quality to merit our crossing the country.

                              So that's it. I want it improved before we go and that's why I started this thread. I'm tough on Disney parks because I love them and expect them to be outstanding. Disney has the most popular theme parks in the world because they have strived for excellence, and I don't want to see Disney parks decline. (Or as Kevin Yee used to write, "decline by degrees.") The hotels, overpriced food, time-share units, etc. all have extraordinary theme parks as their foundation; weaken that foundation and the rest will fall. Walt Disney made me believe in capitalism's potential. WDW in the 70s and early 80s and Disneyland since the early 80s have been my shining hilltop cities. Again, I don't want them to decline. Steve Jobs is another great capitalist creator and is Disney's #1 stockholder, so there is hope.

                              Bill, thanks for all the details! I too notice details, bad and good, but you are the great one who might alert the Yee, whose trumpet will. . . uh, maybe get a teacup repainted.

                              If I could re-name this thread, I might title it, "The WDW Flaw and Repair Update Thread". Please update us when the more discussed flaws (Yeti, Big Thunder tarp, the seemingly taxidermied animals on Splash Mtn.) are fixed, and I'm sure the repair will inspire many smiley-faced responses.

                              What's right with WDW?

                              Sorry, at this moment I can't spare the two+ hours it would take me to write all that. But for now, congrats to the current leaders and artists on the Star Tours update!

                              --Tom Sinsky
                              Last edited by jcruise86; 06-16-2011, 06:19 PM.


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