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Walt Disney World- A Map in Google Earth


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  • [Fun] Walt Disney World- A Map in Google Earth

    Hey everyone, for my first post in the WDW forum, I wanted to share a project I am working on. It is a detailed map of WDW. No I can't take all the credit. I am actually updating and combining multiple KML files which display places in Google Earth. I hop I can keep you updated on the project, but I will be away for most of the summer. If anyone would like, i will post the files i am using so you can track my progress, with mod or admin approval of course. I hoped to finish this by October, but corrupted files and other problems. If anyone would like to help me in editing this. One of my major problems is location of placemarks may be off. I'm including my description that will be in the final file. I'm not sure if I will post it to the Google Earth Community or not, but I will decide that once I am done.

    "This map combines elements from multiple KML files to create a highly detailed Walt Disney World map.

    Theme Parks: Includes complete coverage of all attractions, with official informatioin and images from the Walt Disney World webiste. Includes menu coverage of Eateries, Full Service or Counter Service where possible and images where possible. Limited coverage of Shops availiable, and only covers location. Limited coverage of important entertainment where applicable. Note: Eateries covered do not include Outdoor Vending

    Water Parks: Full Coverage as best as possible

    Downtown Disney: Due to the Closure of Pleasure Island Clubs and the transformation into Hyperion Wharf, that section of Downtown Disney is constantly changing, even though the imagery was updated in May 2010. There will be coverage as best as possible, which is subject to change at any time.

    Walt Disney World Hotels: All Disney Owned Hotels will have coverage as best as possible. In some cases, every buuilding will have room numbers and or names, while some will have building names and area names. Some places will only mark location and will not have descriptions or images. All Eateries will be covered as best as possible.

    Golf: All courses have coverage where each individual course can be turned on.

    "Backstage", Misc., and more: For those interested, this area will inlcude insights into many of the theings perople do not visit that are a part of Walt Disney World.

    Note: I am not responsible for placement of multiple placemarks within one building. Those locations have not been changed. All credit and information goes to the original creators and The Walt Disney Company"

    I hope that I can update you at least until I leave and before class start again. If anyone wants to help, Let me know. Mods and Admins: I will not post any versions of the files unless I recieve an email or I see post with an ok in this thread. Also, I do not have PM right currently, so all help would be public. If mods or admins can grant me this, I will let people know so that any help and changes would not spam this thread.
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