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DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts


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  • [Chat] DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts

    What do you guys think about the rumored plan to build DVC units at the Grand Floridian. It seems like everyone is exciteted to have DVC rooms at this resort but I see the plan as all negatives.

    While I'm sure Disney will do a beautiful job on this new building, I think it will be a huge mistake.

    First, the Grand Floridian is supposed to be Disney's premier, most luxurious resort in the entire world. Adding this new building will completely destroy the elegance of the original resort. From the plans, it seems as if the new building is encroaching on the spa and even the wedding chapel. When Walt built WDW, he wanted lots of open space. Why would Disney want to put multiple buildings on top of each other? The views from the Polynesian will also be compromised. Also, it would be horrible to lose the grassy field, large sand beach, and small forest located in this area. I would much rather prefer to see open space and natural landscaping rather than a large, imposing building.

    Secondly, the Grand Floridian's facilities will become overcrowded with this new addition. The Grand's facilities are designed for maximum comfort, relaxation, and elegance for its guests. With more people introduced to this resort, the pools, restaurants, and other services will face an influx of new guests, making it less exclusive for the guests of the original resort. Additionally, resort monorail service will see a large influx.

    Lastly, I believe that if Disney wishes to continue the DVC concept at WDW, they need to construct new build resorts instead of adding on to the deluxes. I believe these new DVC additions ruin the original intimacy the architect created when the resort was built. Personally, the DVC at the Contemporary compromised the architecture of the original resort and will no longer be the landmark it once was when it was the original resort. Beach Club Villas seems not to fit in with the original resort and it ruins the symetric design of the resort, in addition to ruining the canal on the front side of the resort. Kidani Village to me ruins the African feel for some guest rooms at AKL. Instead of viewing the natural wilderness, guests view a building instead. I do like BWV at Boardwalk Resort because they were originally built into the hotel and that combination works. That is the only way Disney should incorporate DVC and resort hotels. Also, I think Saratoga Springs and Old Key West provide the best DVC resorts as they are designed only as DVC resorts, and they have their own services and provide a new experience for WDW guests, instead of adding on to original experiences.

    Just my thoughts.

    So, what do you think of the possible DVC addition to the Grand Floridian???

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    Re: DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts

    I also see more negatives than positives. It will further crowd the lagoon area, strain facilities at the GF (a big negative for hotel guests paying BIG bucks), and most importantly, it will further strain the already overburdened MK/lagoon area transportation infrastructure.

    I'm not a big fan of DVC to begin with, because it allows Disney to collect $ up front without any promise to improve/add/maintain the parks, (much like the Dining Plan and food quality) but that's another discussion for another time.

    I'm sure some genius at Disney has a PowerPoint presentation justifying overdevelopment in the name of $$, so it must be okay. Seriously though, is there a point where too much DVC could turn out to be a detriment to the resort's long-term health?


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      Re: DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts

      ^Virtual Toad: I agree with you 100%. Now I am starting to see DVC as a negative. I don't get why they want to overdevelop WDW with all these DVCs and add them on to every Deluxe resort. I feel that DVC should be more exclusive and be contained within their own resort, instead of add-ons. In order for a new one to be built however, they need to fully asess the impact it will have on all guests. Soon there will be no natural land left which is very sad. I don't even see the need for all these DVCs. Is there even demand. I would not build another DVC until all the other ones are filled to capacity and they make sure that they continue renovating and updating the resorts they all ready have.

      I feel that OKW is probably the best DVC resort on property for a couple of reasons. First it was the original DVC and it was unique at the time (Disney needs to start creating innovative resorts for its guests, something different than what it already has). I like how this resort is only one of two that is only a DVC resort. Also, the location of the resort is absolutely beautiful. Surrounded by golf courses, lakes, and natural forests - this is how Disney should be building resorts instead of building them on top of each other. SSR also has similair features to OKW.

      Its just sad to think whats happening to WDW and why they wish to keep building. Once they build a building, it will be there for many years so they need to make sure when they build something, it is something needed and will add to WDW, not detract for its beauty, luxury, convenince, and fun.


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        Re: DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts

        Thank you WDW1971! OKW is indeed the best DVC IMO, why do they have to keep adding those DVC's onto resorts and creating this controversy instead of just creating a new DVC resort experience. It makes me want to be a DVC member if I can go to a unique resort that no one else can and stay there. Also your totally right it tarnishes the experience of the resort in some cases when these DVC's are added on. It can create overcrowding of more then just amenities but resort restaurants ect.. If they put these last couple DVC additions to other resorts together they could have built a whole new DVC resort.


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          Re: DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts

          It was a bit of an overkill when they built Bay Lake Tower. I think there could've been a better way to construct that tower so it's not purposely overshadowing the original Contemporary. DVC resorts at WDW are a bit of an overkill. They actually planned on having one built over in the plot of land that was once River Country but I guess that will come following the Grand Floridian extension. Which I agree is a ridiculous idea but then again the Grand Floridian has been slowly losing it's luxury status long before the DVCs were planned. The rooms and buildings are so out of date and the suites themselves are ugly. If you seen pictures and videos of the Grand Suite it looks as if they grabbed a bunch of random furniture from antique stores (some of it not even antique) and dumped in a suite with a one-color paint job. It's the blandest most generic looking Presidential Suite I've ever seen. The only thing I can suggest for Disney to do now is to build a brand new hotel that strictly caters to the luxury class and has absolutely NO DVCs! How about something similar to Tokyo's Hotel Miracosta?


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            Re: DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts

            ^Goofy Donald - yes, OKW is definately the best DVC resort . It seems like its one of the only resorts where you can enjoy a relaxing time, the way a vacation should be. With all the large, big resorts, it seems as if everything there is so busy all the time and it makes it hard to relax. At OKW the scenery is probably the best of all the resorts (which one can you get secluded accomodations with views of lakes, golf courses, and natural Florida).

            ^toonaspie - I agree with you 100%. BLT completely ruined the original architecture of the Contemporary tower. It detracts from the originality of that structure being the only building to rise above the skyline and it was a focal point.

            Yes, it seems like alot of the Grand Floridian is stuck in the 80's. If they are planning to add the DVC wing, they must renovate and update the existing rooms. Something ala the rooms at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel would be suitable. I watched the video of the Grand Suite and I could not believe this is supposed to be Disney's best suite at Disney's best hotel, in the world!!! That room looked so cheap. The mirrored walls does not go with the victorian theme at all. Also, I was shocked to see the microwave on top a the fridge behind the counter. For that price, I would expect them to be built into cabinets under counter.

            Many of Disney's other resorts out do the Grand Floridian yet they are not even Disney's best resorts. Many of the other resorts are newer and have recieved greater updates to keep it up to date. Unfortunately the Grand Floridian has not received the attention it should have. There are so many other options for even better accomodations right near WDW such as the Waldorf Astoria and Hilton at Bonnet Creek or the Ritz Orlando.

            Disney really needs to get on its game about it's luxury resort. Adding a DVC wing will be a huge mistake and will degrade this once opulent resort even further.

            Disney should be focusing on creating unique resorts with new themes instead of adding on to existing Deluxes. This is just a cheap way out for them to save money but it is not what is best for them in the future or for their guests. Ever notice how when they add a DVC on, Disney doesn't create new restaurants, activities or large elaborate pools to go along with the new DVC. They just want to use the facilities of the existing resort. This will eventually hurt Disney in the long run as the deluxes will lose their exclusivity and people will stay offsite for better accomodations. Big mistake on Disney's part for adding these DVCs.


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              Re: DVC at Grand Floridian Thoughts

              And isnt the planned location for the DVC right by the Wedding Pavilion? I know they'll probably do what's necessary to avoid obstructing the Wedding Pavilion view of the castle but that's still a bit of a nuisance for the weddings being held there to have hotel rooms so close.


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