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Top 5 Loading Areas


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  • [Chat] Top 5 Loading Areas

    In the spirit of MJMcB‎'s 'Top 5 Queue' thread.. lets talk about Load areas!

    Lets distinquish this by meaning the area where guests actually enter their ride 'vehicle' and typically at or after the grouper position.

    I would include unload.. but those are typically barren lands

    So my list
    1. RnRC - the alley is awesome and so realistic
    2. ToT - Boiler room.. nuff said
    3. Dinosaur - pictures don't do it justice. It's immersive, it's 'alive', its detailed.
    4. GMR - the animated mural.. plus the way the entrance is animated as the ride starts
    5. Mission Space - build up continues right to the last door opening

    Honorable Mentions:
    - Main Street Train Station
    - Jungle Cruise

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    Re: Top 5 Loading Areas

    I've yet to ride the current new Star Tours but I loved the loading dock for the original Star Tours. I think it made me really believe that I was about to fly into space. It gives me chills everytime I'm about to board the ride.

    GMR is amazing as well.


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      Re: Top 5 Loading Areas

      The new star tours queue is interesting in the second room.. the first room there is little to really differentiate it on the grand scale except for the waiting board changing.

      The problem with the second room is it's less animated... but the effects are cooler. But the luggage scanner which is the neatest part is only really visible for about a 30ft stretch of the queue.

      I still consider it an 'update' rather then an 'upgrade'


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        Re: Top 5 Loading Areas

        The Great Movie Ride is a beautiful take off, leaving the Chinese theater, only to go into....the chinese theater. It's a great loading area however.

        The Maelstrom has a boring line, but the take off area has that surrealistic looking lift in it, with the blue laser lights. Not my favorite ride, but the take off is cool looking.

        Toy Story Mania with the huge Andy's room loading area.

        Pirates of the Caribbean. Being from California, it was interesting to see such a difference in the rides. At DL the loading area is Laffite's Landing and made to look like you're outside, where WDW's is made to look like a dark cavern (or something).

        Rock N Rollercoaster. I didn't overly care for the ride, as it was quite short and not as interesting as I expected, but the alleyway queue is pretty awesome.


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          Re: Top 5 Loading Areas

          Star Tours 2.0 is actually really great in the 2nd room. Over to the left in the cages and such you'll see quite a few hidden things that were in the line before. Now I've talked to some frequent visitors of WDW and they didn't know that its now actually when Star Tours first opened up. Also our favorite robot who spent years fixing is the luggage scanner. At one point you'll hear him say something about fixing robots and that'll never happen. But I digress.

          My top 5 load/unload areas:

          HTH- Everything from entering the lobby of the hotel to leaving the ride was and forever will be my favorite. Standing next to those mechanisms that bring that elevator to the Twilight Zone when they start up is tremendously awesome.

          PoTC (WDW)- I've always enjoyed going onto the starboard side because there was a bunch of pirates near the loading area burying treasure. Sadly they have found another spot to dig. But the loading area to me is better than the unload area. I now enjoy the Port side as once you get there, there are more barrels and it just feels harbor-ish.

          Jungle Cruise (WDW)- Starting off to a good cruise when a Skipper tells jokes when you're stepping into the boat. Sometimes you'll get a great skipper who tells nothing but jokes the whole time you're loading that have nothing to really do with the cruise itself. But getting off this ride is where the magic happens and you're told to exit...somewhat politely.

          RnRC- Need I say more? Parking Garage to a red carpet for a concert after traveling in style.

          The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm (WDW, "retired" attraction)- Ahhhh, memories. Not many people would go down to Toontown in WDW, it was a hidden gem for fireworks viewing too. But I think it was an unsung hero for loading areas, sure the queue line wasn't anything to behold once you got passed the actual barn. Everything from the prop propellers to the panel cover saying Goof-o-lene really made the loading area a lot of fun to be in. Also the fans that didn't work too well sometimes were cool, they were noses of planes complete with propellers. The tip of the nose was used as a light.


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