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Premier Passport [Hotel Discount?]


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  • [Question] Premier Passport [Hotel Discount?]

    i thinking of getting the perm-er pass port has anyone mice chat have the permer passport what kind of discounts on the hotol in flordia do you get
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    Re: Premier Passport

    Well, I don't know about hotel discounts, but I know you get free parking and merchandise discounts so that definitely saves a lot of money if you'll be in at both parks often(:

    I have a Premium pass right to DLR right now and upgrading to the Premier pass is cheaper than buying a 4day WDW park hopper and thats before even adding in discounts
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      Re: Premier Passport

      Thats amazing, I went online to do some research cause we have to buy ours for the Micechat Disneyworld Trip/Cruise to the Caribbean in October, And they really dont give you much information about the discounts.


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        Re: Premier Passport

        The discounts in WDW are hit or miss. i got the premiere one for my trip in FEB it;s nice to be able to park everywhere for free. you do get some discounts. The good rule of thumb here is to ask everywhere you go
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          Re: Premier Passport

          I had it for my trip this past January. The hotel savings alone almost made up for the difference in price I had to pay to upgrade.

          ->All-Star Music, last week of Jan. for 9 days/8 nights saved ~$215 on the room alone, let alone all of the merchandise discounts I received... and not to mention the savings on having to buy tickets.... yeah. It definitely paid for itself! )


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            Re: Premier Passport

            I was wondering the same thing. Going for a week long trip in April and my AP expires in March...... how much of a discount does one get on hotels? That will be the deal breaker for us staying on the property vs. an outside hotel.


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              Re: Premier Passport

              The AP rates for hotels come out a few months at a time, and aren't always available. They are also different for each category of resort, with the Deluxe and Villas offering the largest discounts. And, just because they have discounts during the time you're going, they are for a limited amount of rooms and sometimes will not be available for a specific resort (or sold out). The best place to look for all current hotel discounts is here:

     - Disney World Resort Hotel Discount Codes & Deals
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