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ToonTown Troopers


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  • [Idea] ToonTown Troopers

    Here is a ride/ shooting gallery I came up with for Disney's Hollywood Studios. You have just entered the Acme Gags factory day turns to night and you start to have a look around then you hear struggling coming from the office doors you hear the weasels saying something about "Taking out Roger and Jessica" then an anonymous noise is heard the weasels make a break for it then over a radio you hear the ToonTown police chief saying you were just recruited to join the Troopers you proceed to the loading area a trackless car armed with dip Tommy guns and you chase the weasels through town with fully animated figures of the weasels trying to fire back along with the weasels and object will react to the shot. So no little kid who goes on worry about hitting a good toon the story goes that all the good citizens are asleep so only the bad guy's ( weasels) are out. At the climax you back at the factory but between you and the weasels is the machine from the film maybe call it "THE BIG DIPPER" after firing at each other an explosion occurs sending you back to the loading area the weasels got away but the radio says they left town ( plot vengeance). As you exit the car you walk into the ToonTown police station were you receive a badge signifying you are an official ToonTown Trooper. Crazy: YES!!!! Fun: ABSOLUTELY
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