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My Day at Animal Kingdom - Photo Heavy TR!


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  • Trip Report My Day at Animal Kingdom - Photo Heavy TR!

    With some friends flying from out of town, we decided to meet up at Animal Kingdom and hang out for the day. Since they had breakfast reservations at 10:00, I had a few hours to myself to wander around AK and take some photos, which I love.

    Should you like to see all the photos I took that day, please click HERE.

    Otherwise, keep reading.

    I arrived to an already crazy crowd of people, it seems the Thanksgiving crowds came early this year.

    The tree is really pretty with its adornments in the square.

    Time to head in!

    I love the immersion of this park, its full of foliage and exploration.

    It's funny how everyone bypasses this fun swinging bridge, that's fine by me, I love little short cuts.

    Why yes, a little early Christmas shopping never hurt anyone, except maybe my pocketbook. lol

    More trail exploration.

    My 2nd favorite thing to do is take the Tree of Life trail that gets you up close and personal with the tree, many people don't know its there and this time around, no ropes were up so I was able to traverse all areas of the ToL.

    Hmm, something was not right with this one, so I put the fallen rope back up and turned around.

    Nice Donald surprises on the backside.

    Backside views.

    Moving on to Africa...

    Always spectacular views.

    As I can't ride any attractions at DAK except the Triceratops spin, I visited a lot of the animal attractions. I started with the Pangani Forest Trail.

    Pancake Turtle

    Sadly, the trails were overrun with people so there wasn't much in the way of photos to take, but I did what I could.

    Trying to squeeze between the wolf packs of people. LOL

    Next, I hopped aboard the train to Rafiki's Watch Planet!

    There has to be a good caption for this, anyone? hehe

    That day they were giving a checkup to a Macaw, who was passed out, probably for the best.

    He seemed ok in the end though!

    More turtles!

    I then headed in to the petting zoo.


    A couple of *****.

    Hand washing station. What I find interesting is people wash their hands as they are leaving, wouldn't it be better for the animals to wash as you come in too? Maybe I'm over thinking it. lol

    Time to head back to civilization!

    Just missed the Flights of Wonder show, sadly, its my favorite bird show in any theme park in Florida.

    As it was about lunchtime I decided to stop at the Yak and Yeti for a bite. Open seating at the bar, so I shimmed up and ordered some hot tea, pork pot stickers and fried green beans. Yummy!

    It was about this time that my friends arrived and the camera didn't get used much, so what follows is just a random set of photos until we go see Finding Nemo, the musical, which we had front row seats for!

    Nemo time! What I never noticed before was how animated the faces of the actors (puppeteers?) were, having never sat this close. I loved that they got into it just as if they were the character themselves, very nice job!

    I got attacked by Bruce!!!

    Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

    Awww, so cute!!

    We ended the day with one last ride on Expedition Everest and then headed out of the now darkening park.

    I'm not that good at night shots, so this was the best I could do. :/

    Have a Magical Day and thanks for reading!!

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    Re: My Day at Animal Kingdom - Photo Heavy TR!

    Animal Kingdom has become my favorite park. Thanks for the pics. If anyone is interested in seeing the complete Discovery Trail around the Tree of Life, I made a video of it.

    Stroll Discovery Island Trails Animal Kingdom - YouTube


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      Re: My Day at Animal Kingdom - Photo Heavy TR!

      Wow now I really want to visit Animal Kingdom again!


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        Re: My Day at Animal Kingdom - Photo Heavy TR!

        My favourite park at WDW. I think Avatar will be to AK what Potter was to IOA too.

        Avatar, and bulldoze the insult that is the Dino-Rama area.
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          Re: My Day at Animal Kingdom - Photo Heavy TR!

          ^^Hopefully Avatarland gives the park some night life. Hopefully avatar is a huge success and Dinoland USA gets a DCA style make over (aka destroy everything tacky and create an immersive experience based around dinosaurs). Whoever thought cheap carny rides with not detail was a good idea should be fired. It is so out of place in such a detail and theme rich park it is sad.
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            Re: My Day at Animal Kingdom - Photo Heavy TR!

            just lovely.... LOVE IT!
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