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Toy Story Midway Mania High Score Guide!!!


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  • [Fun] Toy Story Midway Mania High Score Guide!!!

    Current high score: 592K - Been playing for 8 months

    Reading this then going to the park will probably get you about 300k points, it takes lots of rides to build up the stamina and accuracy necessary to accomplish everything perfectly every run.

    **DISCLAIMER* Every part of this guide is written with the intention that the player is by themselves.*

    Egg Toss( Plastic Easter Eggs) - While moving to the screen all the landscape will already be loaded so take note of the small hen house on either the left or right bottom corner of the screen. When the game starts knock the fox over on top of the hen house, this will start a parade of chickens that go 1000, 2000, 1000, in point value. After hitting the fox *before the chickens start across the screen* hit the two pigs above the hen house. Behind the pigs a cat will appear after hitting the pigs hit that then hit the beavers that are across the bottom of the screen. Then hit the two chickens that should now be in your field of view, all in the same motion hit the two pigs above the hen house again along with the cat. Then complete another pass along the bottom of the screen INCLUDING THE LAST CHICKEN but this time on the way back hit the fox on the hen house. Rinse and repeat, after the game is over you should have a score of 45-55k points. *PERSONALLY THIS IS THE HARDEST GAME TO MASTER THE TIMING, ONE MESS UP AND THE WHOLE TIMING IS OFF FOR THE REST OF THE GAME*

    Rex and Trixie's balloon pop( Darts ) - Take note of the horizon line and the volcano on the center of the screen they will be your main target areas. As soon as the game starts fire at the center of the volcano popping the 500 point squiggly point balloon on it's face. Then pivot to the right or left of the screen(depends on what row you sit in), shooting the three 500 point balloons off the side of the triceratops(1000 point balloons will spawn do not shoot them yet, we will get them in a second). Pivot back to the volcano and shoot the two new 500 point balloons that spawn in the same general area as the first one. This next part happens really fast and takes good aim with good timing as well. Shoot the 1000 point balloons off the side of the triceratops, then the three 1000 point balloons directly behind the pink dinosaurs head, and then finally shoot the last 3 500 point balloons on the face of the volcano. The volcano will then erupt with 500 point balloons fire as fast as you can doing a spray pattern at the top of the volcano. Right before the volcano is done erupting two comets will spawn on either side of the screen, my personal recommendation is start with the one farthest from you. Each comet starts with 100 point balloon, once that is popped the the comet will move down towards the center of the screen with a new balloon worth 200, then the same thing will happen and a 500 point balloon will spawn. Once both comets have had their 500 point balloons popped three comets will strike near the bottom of the screen. Try to pop the balloons on the comets before they hit, this is the hardest part of the game. Each comet will have a 5000 point glowing red balloon in them make sure to get them at least. *Take note of which side the triceratops started on because two comets will come from that side, the other will come from the other side in alternating order* Your final score should be 75 - 85k points on this game and 120 - 140k points total. It may be intimidating but yes all this DOES happen in the 30 second game.

    Green Army Mens break those plates( Baseballs ) - Break the beginning two of the three 100 point plates at the bottom of the screen on the outer side(the side where there is no screen next to yours). Then shoot two or three(depends on your aim) of the spawning targets just above the horizon line of the game, once you shoot them move across the base of the BIG 100 point plates hitting the newly spawned 500 - 1000 - 500 plates. *This is the part that takes the most skill in this game* There will be two volleying 2000 point plates that go up where a little mountain meets the curved horizon line( roughly in between the big center mountain and the two smaller hills ). You must shoot both out of the air before they are out of site, so once you get your timing down after going across the bottom of the 100 point plates shoot the one the spawns above the area you are aiming at now. Once you hit that plate you must pivot to the other side and hit that plate, once that happens a tank will be revealed from behind the big mountain. Shoot like crazy at the plates near the bottom of the screen then approximately 4 seconds after hitting the two volleying plates, 4 plates in a wave pattern will spawn in the same are on both sides. My personal preference is to hit the four on the opposite side of where you are sitting, the tanks turret will move from side to side, when it stops at either side it volleys a 5000 point plate toward the screen. So in between each 5000 point plate hit targets near the bottom of the screen and try to hit the 8 volleying 2000 plates. If you do manage to hit all 8 volleying plates and all 5000 plates, there will be another volley like the first one with 2000 point plates but nothing special happens. After this game you should have managed 80 - 90k points on this game and have 200 - 230k points total.

    Green Alien's( Ring Toss ) - Take note of the spaceship with the 8 holes on it, when the game begins 100 point aliens with spawn up. Quickly ring all the aliens on the ship before any of them pop back up and the rocket ship will take off revealing a giant robot. ***Shooting rings into the mouth gives you points per ring in*** When the robot is first revealed it will be worth 100, do not waste your time shooting rings into it. Do something I call the "U", which is going across the bottom of the screen shooting the planets, aliens, and rockets.(ALL RESPAWN) After doing a U hit the 5000 point UFO that drops down getting as many rings on it as possible as they all count. Then shoot into the robot's mouth for 500 each, do a "U" back and forth quickly then shoot into the robots mouth for 1000 each then ring the next ufo on the opposite side. Do a "U" in one direction then halfway back aim into the robots mouth again(2000 each), then ring the next 5000 point UFO, hit a couple high point targets then to finish off the game shoot into the robots mouth for 2000 points each. Once again another highly timing oriented game, you should have gotten 100 - 120k to be in good shape; with 300 - 350k points total.

    Woody's Round Up and Mine-carts( Sticky Darts, THIS IS FOR ALL THE MARBLES. YOUR ENTIRE LIFE'S WORK COMES DOWN TO THIS, no pressure ) - Begin the game by opening up all of the 100 point targets, opening them will reveal 1000 point targets with 500's on the ends. I normally go in a circle twice, once to open all the targets and then starting at the barrel I go back around clearing the targets. Once all targets that were first revealed are cleared, all of them will reopen with 2000 point targets with 1000 point targets on the end. Shoot as fast as you can for this entire sequence of events as you will travel to three different screens with fast scoring targets. Once the car begins to side-scroll focus on the pair of 500 point targets on the bottom of the screen. Hit both of them to reveal a 2000 point target then hit the 1000 point target next to the 2000, rinse and repeat on the same targets till they are out of range. Mine carts is next, this is hard to do by yourself so I personally started doing 3 rows by myself then slowly adding in the fourth row. Only move your gun horizontally to prevent and sort of sporadic movements that can mess up your rhythm. So you just go back and fourth across all the rows hitting all the targets, any row that all targets were hit will have a 5000 point target as the last cart, then the final target is revealed. SHOOT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, without tensing up your ar, as that will slow you down. Depending on your skill you could have gotten between 170 - 220k points total, with 470 - 570k points total.

    My journey to 592k though pictures!

    Currently the highest score on YouTube 526k by yours truly!
    Toy Story Midway Mania Guide post Toy Story 3 Update:

    My journey to 592k on Toy Story Midway Mania(WDW):

    Check out my YouTube channel, constantly taking video of the Fantasyland construction and currently taking requests on my channel:

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    Re: Toy Story Midway Mania High Score Guide!!!

    Thats amazing, I try my best and pull about 220,000, I am going to have to try these secrets, great studying, Great info.


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