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  • Rex Dopey24
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    you guys look exhausted lol. but you guys did have a good time. nice pics thanks.

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  • ttintagel
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    They Might Be Giants: The Ride?
    Literal LOL!

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  • Director_Guy
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    Part IV

    Aww man, another gorgeous day? Typcial.

    We started today at Disney Hollywood Mayer Goldwin Mayer Studios City.

    Parker had yet to take a new flight on Star Tours.

    Where's the fun AT-AT?! Get it? N... nevermind.

    Good to see you two haven't moved in years.

    New Starspeeder looks nice. Slick.

    Patrick Warburton!

    In 3-D!

    Star Tours was fun, but I knew where I really wanted to be.

    This ride is just so awesome.

    A speedy limo ride through Hollywood was good, too. It was kind of weird seeing icons that I see almost every day back home, here in another part of the country.

    RnR is good fun, but...

    Well... it just doesn't beat ToTty. Which we took another spin on.

    Kind of cool that California will be getting these back soon, albeit in a completely different form.

    A short bus ride away, more thrills were to be uncovered.

    Down kitty!

    It's like if Michael Bay made The Matterhorn.

    Parker is ready to face the mountain.


    Beware the Yeti!

    The Yeti awaits our return.

    Parker was exhausted from a thrill filled morning so he went back for a mid-day awesome nap. It's what people to do make themselves more awesome.

    I stayed behind and explored Animal Kingdom. Out of my three visits here, it's my least explored park.

    So I bought one of these and took a long stroll.

    I'm amazed at how green this park is!

    My siestas are getting chorter and chorter.

    I even got a little lost in this place. Which wasn't bad. It just shows how extensive it is.

    Somehow I ended up on the Hogwarts Express.

    This turned out just to be a train owned by a human trafficking ring.

    Years later, I finally made it free and roamed the park some more.

    I hit Everest once more, to taunt the Yeti.

    The drying clothes on the steps.

    This is amazing theming!

    I headed back to Studios for some of the attractions Parker wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

    Again, weird seeing this here.

    I really freakin' love this ride. It's kind of cornball but it's totally up my alley.

    Asps, very dangerous. You go first.

    Wow... terrifying.

    I wanted to get one last flight in before I met Parker again.

    I saw Rex. He was not doing so well.

    Back at MK. Where is he?

    "Lundy! You gotta try this thing!"


    Glad to see the nap did him some good.

    You know us thrill seekers. We gotta get our heart racing. And clearly the only way to do so... the Peoplemover. What up!

    I'm experiencing a sensation that is new to me! And frankly, I love it!

    The castle is so big, I feel like it hits me in the face every time I see it.


    Ahh... Jeeze, watch it, Castle.

    They Might Be Giants: The Ride?

    I'm not saying I'm jealous of WDW's size or anything but THIS PLACE IS HUGE!

    The Trippiest Ride In The Wilderness.

    Ahh, crap. I spilled my rocks.

    Here's hoping for no concussions!

    Goat trick?

    It was the legend of Thunder Mooountaiiin...


    Ah my face!

    Yeah, that's right, walk away.

    Space. Without Michael Giacchino's awesome score, it is nothing.

    Parker had a request to ride something and I told him "Whatever you want!"

    Big mistake.

    "You'll ride this but not The Great Movie Ride? You're doing this to spite me aren't you."

    At least the water's shiny.

    The sun was setting on the Magic Kingdom and we knew our fun was numbered.

    We hopped on a few classics then walked back out toward the Monorail.

    By the way, this park is huge.

    Boo- NO! Not this time.

    "I think I'm gonna sit tomorrow out"

    "Are you crazy? There's so... much... more..." ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

    To Be Continued.

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    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    you guys make me lmao! Keep it coming.

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  • Director_Guy
    Part Three

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who will go to Disney and have a ball?

    Those guys look like us! That means we're going to Disney!

    Yes, the day has finally come for us to go to Walt Disney World. None of that fake out stuff like before.

    Parker and I made our first stop at Epcot.

    We asked a cast member for a picture and he obliged, but only after I did my Asian tourist impression.

    There was a large crowd moving some where and we decided it'd be best to follow. Just in case it led somewhere good.

    It led here.

    Yes, the first ride I rode at Walt Disney World was one I could ride back home.

    That's okay. I'm over it.

    Okay, so we walked back over to do some other ones.

    We went into space for a bit and decided to test out some cars.

    "Lundy, are you quite sure this is a good idea?"

    "No, Parker. It's a great idea."


    "Mmm... yes. Feel the heat."

    "This is why I moved to California!"

    "Oh, no. What does that mean?!"

    "Are we gonna hit that?! AHHHH!"


    "This is quite enjoyable."

    After my knuckles went from a nice shade of white to a pinker complexion, we took a spin on Spaceship Earth.

    I really hope this isn't my future.

    Would you like some cheese with that ham?

    We walked around Epcot some more afterward, hitting things like the Beverly,

    (which is as nasty as ever)

    A journey with our pal Figment,

    and a cool dark ride/lame plant tour.

    Seriously, I thought I hated* vegetables before.

    What'd you call me?!

    Then we took another spin on Test Track.

    Parker had to cancel his cable subscription. Just because he's on vacation doesn't mean his whole life stops, sheesh.

    That's when we got some eats.

    Side note, I like WDW's food much better than Disneyland's. It's a nit picky thing, I guess, but even their quick service food is better. This, of course, does not count Blue Bayou, which is amazing.

    To walk off that food, we took a stroll around World Showcase.

    I love how the back of Tower of Terror blends in with Morocco.

    Parker needed a break from the fun, so he headed back to the Timeshare.

    I see you.

    Run! We've been spotted!

    With him gone, I hopped on the nearest monorail.

    I was on a mission.

    And I freakin' made it!

    Never ceases to impress me, how big this place is.

    Look at that! Water! And space to move my arms!

    This was my first stop.

    I love the Haunted Mansion. The Florida version just keeps getting better every time I see it.

    Man, this castle is huge.

    I had a limited time to do this, so I had to hit my favorite attractions. Which is why, I closed my eyes, made a wish and ended up...

    For this.

    Good ol' ToTty. It's been too long, my friend.

    This was a blast. I totally dig this ride back home and it's even cooler out east.

    Around this time, the new Star Tours had just opened up. Literally, it opened up three days before.

    This was during Star Tours weekends as well. How long did I wait? About 25 minutes.

    I swear this says 25 minutes.

    To put in perspective, I still haven't seen the wait time go below 40 minutes for this ride at Disneyland. That's on a slower day. What is going on?

    It was getting late, so I rushed back over to Epcot to meet Parker for dinner.

    We ate in Morocco.

    The food was great and this lady was dancing while we ate.

    Also, my feet were killing me, so it was a great place to sit and rest. I could literally feel the heat rushing from my feet. I was exhausted.

    Then we hit some of the awesome and lesser known Epcot rides

    Back! Over da falls!

    I also raised this bridge with my mind powers. No biggie.

    And I made the earth move.

    Yeah, I'm pretty amazing.

    The sun set on Walt's World and we called it a night.

    More Disney in Part IV.

    * = That's right kids, I don't eat veggies. This is while I will die at age thirty. More butterbeer please!

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  • 10/6
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    LOL! Keep em coming.

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  • Director_Guy
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    Originally posted by SkittleKicks View Post
    Nice pictures! From the pictures of the birdy, it looks like a red shouldered hawk. They're fairly common around here and extremely vocal birds.
    Good to know! I thought it might be a hawk at first, but it looked very different from any hawk I had seen.

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  • KingEric
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    Exploring resorts is really an amazingly fun thing to do! There is so much to see and explore!

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  • ttintagel
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    Gorgeous pix! I love hanging out in the swanky resorts.

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  • SkittleKicks
    Re: Last Summer In Orlando

    Nice pictures! From the pictures of the birdy, it looks like a red shouldered hawk. They're fairly common around here and extremely vocal birds.

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  • Director_Guy
    started a topic Trip Report Last Summer In Orlando

    Last Summer In Orlando

    In my previous installment found here, My friend Parker and I explored Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Our week long journey continues over at the always incredible Walt Disney World resort. Unfortunately, we were late in meeting up with the person who had our tickets, so we delayed our park visit.

    Part Two:

    Today, we went around doing free things!

    Like riding the monorail!

    "At Least it's air-conditioned", Parker says.

    Parker observes classy and reserved behavior on the Walt Disney World Monorail.

    "ZOMG MOn0raillz!"

    "Lundy, why you no behave?"

    Because, we're at Disney World, duh.

    Our first stop was at the Polynesian.

    This is the first time I'd ever seen a WDW hotel and I was pretty impressed.

    Neat pool.

    Neater view!

    "Okay, I'm staying here for the day. Go on without me."

    "I want to go to there."

    Next stop was the Wonka Factory.

    Talk about ritzy! Mein goodness!

    Parker is surrounded by swank.

    We took a stroll on the grounds.

    When we looked up, we saw some kind of bird.

    That thing is alive.

    What is that, an eagle?

    Dude... I think that's an eagle.

    Disneyland has cats. Walt Disney World has eagle. Way to overachieve, guys. Jeeze.

    This place is really nice. I almost felt like I shouldn't be walking around there because I didn't pay.

    Hey look! Another free ride at Walt DIsney World.

    This was the closest we got that day.

    I think the heat is starting to get to Parker.

    Then we headed out. And when you can't get into Disney World you go to the next best thing.

    Outdoor World! The shopp-iest place on earth!

    More coming in Part III

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