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Renting Disney Ballrooms


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  • [Question] Renting Disney Ballrooms

    I am doing a school project for my marketing class, I own a hotel, and have to rent out my ballroom for a wedding reception. Being the Disney fanatic that I am, I thought it would be cool to use the Grand Floridan. I have searched all over Disney's website, and Disney Fairytale weddings only come in packages ( I'm not planning the wedding itself, just the reception). Does anyone know how much it costs to rent one of their ballrooms at the Grand Floridan for a few hours, or even a website with all of this information. Thanks.

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    Re: Renting Disney Ballrooms

    This might be more a "Meeting Planning" thing than a Fairytale Wedding thing.

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      Re: Renting Disney Ballrooms

      I would guess that you couldn't do that - that you must do the entire wedding there and not just the reception. But IDK for sure.
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