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In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?


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  • [Question] In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

    I'll be attending the 24 hour day at Magic Kingdom, this will also be my first trip to Magic Kingdom. I'm having a little relapse in excitement however because just by looking at websites and stuff it just looks like there is far less to do at Magic Kingdom than there is at Disneyland... even the pictures at Magic Kingdom look far less "magical" than Disneyland (however, this could just be me because I've been to DL many times). So my question is... in your own opinion in what ways, if any, is MK better than DL?
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    Re: In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

    WDW still has country bears, Disneyland still has mr toad. WDW still has the people mover, Disneyland has star tours. WDW has better food, Disneyland has the Matterhorn (my favorite). But really there is a lot more attractions in Disneyland then there are in the magic kingdom. WDW is much bigger but is not necessarily better but its pure opinion and a lot of it has to do with which one you grew up with. Ive always gone to Disneyland so I think it's better.
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      Re: In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

      WDW is just... huge. Audacious in scale and scope, unbelievably bold in what DisneyCo tried to set in motion after Walt's passing, and all as kind of a living tribute to Walt himself.

      MK for MK, Disneyland packs more of a punch in terms of attractions and magic per square foot... but if you look hard, there are still traces of brilliance left in what sadly has become a more of a tribute to corporate mastery of the spreadsheet.

      However, there is still a lot of very good Disney mojo left at WDW. The sleek, silent lines of the monorail... the original resorts along the Seven Seas Lagoon... Tom Sawyer Island, Country Bears, Space Mountain, Peoplemover. Wish we still had Mr. Toad, If You Had Wings, 20k, etc. so you could still see the QUIRKY brilliance that was WDWs first 25 years.

      WDW really was quite quirky and whimsical in a wonderful sort of way back in the day. But the resort's brilliance , IMHO, lies in what lies beyond the MK. You owe it to yourself to spend some time resort hopping. Visit Ft. Wilderness, an incredible "old school" oasis that seems a million miles removed from the hyper-stimulating MK. Check out how Michael Eisner expanded the original vision of WDW in ways Walt never dreamed of (or maybe he did). The Wilderness Lodge, the Animal Kingdom Lodge, even Port Orleans are worth the time to see how Eisner & Co. dreamed of-- and realized-- Walt Disney's vision of a real-life Utopia smack dab in the middle of a Florida swamp.

      I think it's just the scope of the thing... and the fact that they can keep the entire property running in spite of all the modern-day corporate obstacles against greatness, that make WDW the amazing spectacle it is. Enjoy!


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        Re: In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

        Just go and ENJOY! Try not to do the whole "comparison thing" while you're there. Focus on the things that are different (or new to you) and you should have a great time!

        PS Virtual Toad makes some great must check out the "rest" of WDW beyond the parks. It would be a huge diservice to skip "what lies beyond" and only visit the parks. I would suggest a boat from the MK to Wilderness Lodge, (while at the Lodge make sure to check out the Iron Spike Room in the Villas at WL lobby... A great tribute to Walt and his love of trains), and then walk to Ft Wilderness (about 1/2 mile down a paved path through the Florida forest). This is truly getting away from it all and you get a real glimpse of what the property looked like when Walt flew over it.
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          Re: In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

          The MK's Haunted Mansion is definitely better, and has cool new enhancements put in last year. The dark ride portion of Splash is better, but I prefer DL's final drop. The Jungle Cruise has extra scenes; it's a little longer and a little better than DL's version.

          In Fantasyland, Mickey's PhilharMagic is an amazing 3D/4D movie. Not to be missed. Snow White has a better ending, and their Pooh is much better than DL's.

          Others have mentioned the Country Bears, but the MK also still has Carrousel of Progress, and currently has The Main Street Electrical Parade.

          Tommorrowland looks nicer than the DL one. Space Mountain has less whiz bang effects, but more of a roller coaster thrill.

          That pretty much sums it up. Enjoy the 24 hour marathon.


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            Re: In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

            As a Disneyland local, I love just seeing all the differences in Magic Kingdom. It is a real treat to be in a "Disneyland" where I don't know every nut and bolt in the place.
            So, what's good about it, is just that it is different.

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              Re: In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

              The Magic Kingdom has a lot more things wrong with it, so you can play games walking around at 3am seeing where there are light bulbs out, paint is chipped, broken animatronics, etc.


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                Re: In what ways (if any) is Magic Kingdom better than Disneyland?

                Virtual Toad is spot on.

                I tend to think of the Magic Kingdom like this: When Walt's lieutenants embarked on realizing his greatest dream in the late 1960s, they brought everything they had to bear. They created the Magic Kingdom - a park that, at the time, far surpassed anything else that Disney (or anyone else) had done in terms of themed design, beauty, and grandeur. Make no mistake, at the time, MK was an improvement over Disneyland in some pretty significant ways. Sadly, the MK is one of the parks that's been most "mismanaged to death" since the early '90s, but signs of the original brilliance can still be found.

                DLR natives should definitely still be able to appreciate the PeopleMover, the Carousel of Progress, the Country Bear Jamboree, a longer and overall better HM, a more polished Splash Mountain (when it works), and a much more raw and untamed Space Mountain; as well as Liberty Square which is a totally unique and beautifully detailed land.
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