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Regular Queue vs. Fastpass Queue


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  • [Question] Regular Queue vs. Fastpass Queue

    Are there any rides at DW in which taking the fast pass line causes you to miss a lot of enjoyable stuff in the regular queue? For instance in rides like Test Track, from what I hear, the regular line is pretty cool as there is a lot of stuff to look at and it makes the ride more enjoyable, but when you go through the fast pass line do you miss all this? It would be good to know so when I go in a couple weeks, I know which rides I need to walkthrough the full queue.
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    Re: Regular Queue vs. Fastpass Queue

    At MK - no real differences worth mentioning - FP all the way
    At EPCOT
    Mission:Space - fast pass go through the same open areas, so no real difference, just a matter of how much time you spend looking around
    Test Track: you get the abridged version and don't walk around close to all the exhibits. Going through stand-by once is nice to see it all, but not something you'll want to do again

    At DHS
    ToT: you go through the same are of the lobby - little difference
    StarTours: again, you go through same areas, just not at a slow pace. Recommend ST via standby just to get more time to look around
    Toy Story: Biggest variation in the parks... FP you only see the first part of the room which is pretty baren and no Mr Potato Head. Go through standby at least once here to see it all

    At AK
    Dinosaur, Everest, and Kali Rapids - going through standby gives you a chance to study the details. Everest more then the others. Do standby once or twice at everest.. then FP the rest.

    Basically Toy Story is the only one where the experience is greatly different and worth experiencing. The others basically you don't get to soak in the details.
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      Re: Regular Queue vs. Fastpass Queue

      One area with two queues that isn't a FP situation at all is the Haunted Mansion, where you have the choice of going through the new interactive queue or bypassing it. It's worth it to see it at least once and then judge for yourself if you want to do it again or take the quicker line.