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Sat Night Live mocks fat Disney World guests


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    Re: Sat Night Live mocks fat Disney World guests

    Don't get me started!

    I make it a point not to be critical of any individual who is overweight, because I can't know all the contributing factors for that individual. That being said, it's pretty clear we'd have far fewer overweight individuals if we all took diet and exercise more seriously (and were more consistent in implementation).
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      Re: Sat Night Live mocks fat Disney World guests

      I guess I fall into the 'medically needs' the ECV. I have degenerative disc disease, have had a spinal fusion with rods and pins to hold my spine together, a knee replacement, and my ligaments didn't develop properly (hence my chronic joint failure and pain). I think the reason this thread strikes a nerve with me is the assumptions people make just by looking at someone. Don't judge ANYONE. You have no idea what is going on with that person's health, and the bottom line is: IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. IF YOU DON'T LIKE PUTTING UP WITH THE ECV POLICY OF A PLACE, YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE OPTION TO LEAVE. If someone is 'scamming' the system, or taking advantage of it, that's on their conscience - not for you to enforce, worry about, etc. The world is full of busybodies who feel they have the right to stand in judgement of others. This really hurts my feelings to hear people rant about this, and I'm sure anyone else with a disability feels the same. To clear a couple of misconceptions I've noticed on this thread, 1) most insurance companies DO NOT pay for mobility scooters. They are considered a luxury device, not a medical need. 2) After working with Buena Vista Scooters for years during our trips, I can tell you that the scooter ARE NOT for indoor use only. Just call and ask them. 3) Most of the time, you don't gain any quicker access to the rides - they simply ask you to wait in a holding area out of the way of other guests, or as with the newer rides, you can drive straight thru the que with everyone else, then split off near the loading area to an area out of the way to load. and number 4), Folks, these ECV's are not 'fun' to deal with. I would much rather be running along behind my granddaughters, than worrying about whether I'm holding up others by loading it onto the buses, rides, etc, or worrying about who I might be offending by using one.

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      Also forgot to say - I'm proud we live in a country that at least tries to make places like WDW available to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to go. It's not a perfect world, folks. DEAL.


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        Re: Sat Night Live mocks fat Disney World guests

        I've been to DLP with a friend her her paraplegic daughter and we had all the attention one could get for a guest in a wheelchair - even from the snooty Frenchmen. In fact, my friend traveled the world with her and never ran into problems for her daughter.

        However, this thread is targeting overweight users of ECVs, which for the most part use it because they can't walk 10 steps without having to rest. I would understand it is a hassle sometimes with all the extra weight they carry, but if they took more care of their bodies - meds and physical therapy included - they maybe wouldn't have to rely on an ECV on their next trip.

        Also, just because you're in an ECV or a wheelchair doesn't give you priority wherever you go. Respect goes both ways.


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          Re: Sat Night Live mocks fat Disney World guests

          Yes I agree that ECVs should only be used for people who truly need them, but why hate on overweight people? It's kind of a shame where Americans feel like they have authority over other people's weight. We have a right to gain and lose weight in this country. If I want to be fat, let me be fat. Don't say that overweight people "Should take responsibility for their own actions" It's already clear that some overweight people have made the decision to live that lifestyle and it's no one else's decision but their own.

          Now, that being said I do agree that if your overweight you should get out of the ECV and walk, but if you want to be ridden to a electronic wheelchair... be my guest. They should have some type of policy in place where they give a card to a person in line (like the time counter RFID cards) when the handicapped person gets to the attraction and have the handicapped persons wait at the exit until that person with the card gets through the line. That would probably be a decent way to discourage the inappropriate use of ECVs.
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