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    Originally posted by toonaspie View Post
    Pixar is doing its own dinosaur movie that'll come out in 2014. If the film turns out to be good, I won't be surprised if Dinoland finally gets its makeover then.
    I hope not. The whole area hinges on dinosaurs generally being accepted as extinct. You can't just copypaste The Good Dinosaur into the area and call it a day. For it to exist in Dinoland, you'd have to get rid of everything to work with that movie's internal logic of living dinosaurs being an every day part of life. Why do you need to invent time travel to go to the age of dinosaurs? Why would digging up dead dinosaurs be a big deal when you got living ones? Are Chester and Hester qualified to take care of living dinosaurs or did they finally get eaten when they tried making money off a carnivore petting zoo?

    The idea of shifting CTX/Dinosaur to a Lost World style story is fine because though dinosaurs are alive in the present day, they are isolated in some remote place man has hardly tread upon and should probably leave alone, which would fit in fine with some of the park's existing themes. However, a show based on the Good Dinosaur would be a nice replacement to the Nemo Musical so Theatre of the Wild could finally actually fit into Dinoland.
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