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Disney Park Etiquette Guide


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    Re: Disney Park Etiquette Guide

    When early afternoon rolls around, you can easily tell which parents took their kids to a quiet place for some rest from the ones who pushed their kids too hard and let them get over tired and over stimulated. It's a lot to ask of a very small child, and too many parents don't take that into account.

    Mind you, it's an absolute joy to watch the kids who are getting enough rest.


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      Re: Disney Park Etiquette Guide

      I agree. I have been there when it was obvious the kid just couldn't take it anymore, but the parents don't want that to mess up their vacation. I understand their point, but also they seem to be missing the point that they still need to parent their child.

      I am very fortunate the my daughter will sleep anywhere. So for her, I can place her in the stroller, and she will sleep. She will sleep through anything. I can even sit in a not so busy area and let her sleep. She is perfect that way Example of a great spot in right outside the exit to Tower of Terror - behind the plants. There are benches and it is a very cool area temp wise because it is all shaded. And the coffee cart is right there No one is ever there. Let my daughter sleep and my son play with some toys. Both of them get a break. Also works American Adventure. It knocked her right out!

      I have also had to deal with an incident of my son having a breakdown. I promptly walked off the line and found a quiet bench and had him sit there in time out while the rest of our party enjoyed the ride ( and i needed the break anyway ) After finding out mommy was serious, he did not do it again.

      I don't believe it forcing the child on a ride when they are just too scared to go on it.
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