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Snow White attraction to close???


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    Re: Snow White attraction to close???

    ORWEN: Well, I wrote a letter to Disney World about this several months ago and they did reply but it was just one of those standard form letters they always send out--which tells me they didn't take my suggestion seriously.


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      Re: Snow White attraction to close???

      When do they take any suggestion seriously?

      That aside. I blame this all on cable tv, the dilution of the tv market, and the subsequent loss of eyeballs watching on Sunday Night when they ran Davy Crockett and all the stuff now in the "Disney Vault", so that the actual appreciation of these stories and characters and settings was developed and reinforced, thereby creating and sustaining a market.

      Now it's all just Pink for Princesses, Green for Fairies, and no-one looks any closer than that anyway.

      Kids. Lawn, Mine. Off.


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        Re: Snow White attraction to close???

        Originally posted by mikelieman View Post
        When do they take any suggestion seriously?
        If they get flooded with hate they do take it seriously. The best example is Journey into YOUR Imagination . Sure the current version is still one of the worst things to happen to EPCOT but damn it's a lot better then that version.

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        Originally posted by MickeysAttic View Post
        My husband and I live in florida and have gone to WDW on the average, at least 8 times a year for the last 20+ years...we have been able to do less and less rides in the last few years... because of the changes that WDW has vertigo and his neck problems...we have always been sad to see the classic dark rides go.
        Now that we have 3 year old grandchildren we feel like we are in a race to see if they get old enough to enjoy the rides before they are gone forever. The decision to close the classic snow white dark ride because they are going to open the Dwarfs coaster is really upsetting to us, since it being a coaster means it is yet another ride that we will be sitting outside waiting, while our kids and grand children are inside riding it.
        We are actually starting a list of all the attractions at the WDW Parks that we can and can't It used to be we only had Space Mountain on the Can't do it is getting quite long and ready to add the Dwarfs Mine to it.
        When my nephew went to WDW the 1st time when he was 7 in the 70's he loved 2k leagues..he went to take his daughters when they were 6 & 7 and he had told them all about what he remembered on that ride and they were excited to see it.
        He was so sad when I told him there was no more 20,000 leagues.
        This is happening more and more at Disney..they keep closing the rides we can do with the grankids and opening new rides that we can't do with them...sort of reverting back to a situation that Walt was trying to avoid...I agree with TodAZ1 who posted...
        "We believed in our idea - a family park where parents and children could have fun- together." - Walt Disney. "Seems WDW has forgotten that last word."
        As far as a reason to keep both...Grand the new BUT don't remove the least we could take them on the old Snow white and then their parents could take them on the new coaster.
        I have to point out the ride isn't the original version and that FL in WDW always lacked the thrill ride element that DLR's FL had since 1959 but I can definitely see your point. When I brought my mother with me on M:S for the first and last time she had a panic attack (screwed up the entire night, we had to put off assisting Illuminations to the next day) and while we were on the bus back to the hotel the only thing I could think of was a big building with a nice calm and inspiring ride inside (if you still don't get it I'm talking about Horizons). So yes in that regard I agree I prefer dark rides to thrill rides (doesn't mean I hate them (as my avatar indicates), Disney s thrill rides always have that special touch).
        Originally posted by goofy donald View Post
        I see your point here Mickeys attic however at the same time they will also open a new experience in the little mermaid that you should be able to ride with your grand kids while removing this one. Also this is not the original classic attraction, that was removed long ago and replaced with a newer version (as said previously).
        Yeah I have to agree about the Little Mermaid but that's counter balanced by the closure of 20k many, many years ago (and lets not mention how painful it must have been for fans to see the thing stand empty for so long). Still it's true if you only consider FL in the recent past FL will gain dark rides, not lose them.


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          Re: Snow White attraction to close???

          Judging by what happened with Toad, I think it is safe to say that the attraction is definitely going to be removed.