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Walt Disney World vacation tips


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  • [Question] Walt Disney World vacation tips

    Hey ya'll! May 27th-Junes 7th I will be making my trip to Florida once again Now this is in no way my first time. It will be my 5th time going. I've gone enough to know my way around but seeing as my trips have been far and apart from each other I don't really have the advantages of a local. I was curious for the regulars and APs of the world for any tips. My situation is I will be at the Treehouse Villas in a large group. I'll probably be breaking off and doing my own thing here and there. Getting into the parks isn't a problem we're doing groceries for the hotel. Seeing as I have the blessing of time there's no need to rush and do all the rides, I'll probably spend most time at Epcot anyway. I was wondering if there are things most don't know about or even in the orlando area. I know I'll be there during one of the star wars weekends so I have that. I probably won't have alot fo spending cash on me, maybe 200 bucks if my parents are nice lol. Any and all suggestions are appreciated