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Soarin Over The World


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    Re: Soarin Over The World

    Originally posted by jcruise86 View Post
    Give every Disney park a different Soarin' and
    give international travelers a reason to visit all of the Disney parks.

    WDW: Soarin' Over the USA (excluding California)
    Disneyland Paris: Soarin' Over France (or Europe)
    Tokyo: Soarin' Over Japan
    Hong Kong: Soarin' Over China
    Shanghai: Soarin' Over China, the Pirated Edition

    Then, after a few years, rotate them every year till they get back to original theaters.
    Then come back to me for further instructions.
    This. Exactly what they should do. The original film goes away for a few years and eventually makes it way back. Everybody eventually gets to experience all films.

    I don't have any problems with the last sentence either!


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      Re: Soarin Over The World

      Soarin' Over the World has been a rumor since 2005/2006 if I'm not mistaken, nothing new (to me at least), but I'm not trying to bash anyone who's just now hearing of it or sound high-and-mighty.


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        Re: Soarin Over The World

        Information on a replacement for Soarin' has been very vague, it might happen but probably won't.

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        Originally posted by Fultimate View Post
        The Walt Disney Company is about to save the Walt Disney Studios Park like they've just saved Disney California Adventure. Believe me, I don't make jokes just for fun.

        But here let's discuss the US resorts.
        Yeah, no. DCA doesn't have a huge dept stuck to it, the French parks are still stuck in a huge dept, so don't expect anything soon.


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          Re: Soarin Over The World

          Logically, I think this will happen. It's easiest refurb to do. Just install a superior projector with a new film. They really don't have to tamper with much else. Due to the success of Soarin', this is even more likely just because they are likely to build one for an Asian or European park. So the investment is spread out pretty far.