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A "not" trip report (picture heavy)


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  • [Pictures] A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

    Well, heres the deal. I'm feeling a bit down today, so in an attempt to cheer myself up I am posting an UNtrip report (in other words I'm posting a selection of pictures from previous trips for no apperant reason whatsoever) So, hope you enjoy!

    (some of theese may have been seen in the past. my appologies)

    A couple of shots from Africa in Animal Kingdom. This really is a beautifully themed land.

    And now for a not so beautifully themed land........Chester and Hesters Dinoland

    My wife got to do the Behind the Seeds tour.....I am endlessly jealous

    England, First thing in the morning. Staying at the Beach club gives you the Giant perk of being able to use the back entrance to EPCOT. This means that when you enter the park first thing in the mornin you get to walk through a deserted and not yet open World Showcase (:

    I'm Kinda proud of this shot, I'm certainly no wdwfigment (If you dont know who that is, I recommend you check out the daily photo sharing thread, hiis work is awesome!), but I thought this shot turned out pretty good.

    Theese are from our trip in 2007, we stayed in the Coronado Springs Resort.

    Beautiful resort and way cool pool.......

    The playground's not bad either

    Hey! here's those fire hydrants I was talking about!

    tile mosaic in the lobby ceiling

    ahh yes, and remember the "year of a Million Dreams" banners I talked about above? for those of you who forgot what they look like.........

    Just screams southwestern/mexican doesn't it?

    oh well, on to the Magic Kindom


    More to come.......

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    Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

    That cheered me, up, too! Thanks!

    It's a custom Mickey Mouse snack stand. This (along with custom fire hydrants in places like the parking lot medians) is just so cool to me. Why spend the money on things like this that people may never even notice or care about? I don't know, but I'm so happy they did. I hope someone is still around to arrange for things like this for WDW.
    Little details like that make me so happy. They make me feel like someone really cares, and that I really am in a place that exists outside the rest of the world.

    I'm jealous of your wife, too - I'd love to go on the Behind the Seeds tour someday.


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      Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

      O.K., where was I.....that's right

      The magic kingdom

      Breakfast at chef Mickey's

      Horay for mary Blair!

      and off to EPCOT again


      And on to Hollywood!

      I love the basement of HTH (TOT). I feels so much like a real aboandoned hotel utility basement.


      And some more from Animal Kingdom

      And now we go back to 2009 and the Polynesian Resort

      I LOVE this beach. There really is nothing quite like sitting on this beach and watching the Fireworks (after the boat pagent) in the sand. They play the music and your looking straight at the castle, so it really is an awesome peaceful experiance.

      Back to DHS errr.....wait, I think it was MGM at the time........

      and the Magic Kingdom.......

      Talking trashcan that interacts with guests.....I love it.

      and now back to the hotel......

      Hula lessons in the lobby

      Hidden Mickey in the tiles.

      well sadly that's all i've got right now.....thanks for sharing the memories with me


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        Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

        Those were wonderful!! I love looking at everyone's pictures, especially when they are as wonderful as yours. I have a tumblr set up for my pictures, it's Oh Yeah Disney Photos if you are interested
        sigpic WDW Cast Member August 2009 - November 2011


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          Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

          Thanks for sharing those! Honestly, I've been feeling quite down lately, myself, so this was a nice pick-me-up for myself, too. Thanks. I needed that!

          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

            Love the steam rising off the water around the Liberty Belle!

            I also love watching kids that age meet characters - you can see in their little faces that they're not 100% sure whether to be excited or apprehensive!


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              Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

              Great pics!
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                Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

                That's definitely a nice little pick me up there! Got me excited about when I go for a couple days next month.


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                  Re: A "not" trip report (picture heavy)

                  This makes me miss WDW so badly! 3.5 months... cannot come quickly enough!
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