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The Issue of Overpricing


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    Re: The Issue of Overpricing

    Food and souvenirs are over-priced in all theme/amusement parks, but look at the big picture. You get an entire day of entertainment for less than the price of a Broadway play (in many cases, much less). Plus, many of the restaurants are themed and/or include live entertainment.

    Now, if they had a strict "no outside food" policy, that would be pushing it too far, because some people just can't afford to buy much food inside the park. Rest assured, you are being subsidized by those who can.


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      Re: The Issue of Overpricing

      Howdy Pards,

      Well, all these young folks with suits and ties and such and sales marketing diplomas hangin' near their desks would tell us that we ain't in the target market no more... "We" bein' middle class folks who ain't won the lottery know...regular folks with kids...people like that...

      Course it weren't hard for us to figure that out...them chargin' $2.50 for a nickel chocolate bar and all.
      And when they start chargin' $60.00 a person to eat in the castle...well...I reckon it's kinda clear that middle class Dads with a family of four sure ain't gonna be doin' that much... And how often is a Dad gonna wanna tell his kids that he can only afford one Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar...the four of 'em will have to share...

      So...folks are stayin' out thar beyond those gates these days. Instead of buyin' chocolate inside the park, they're headed over to Walmart or Target for that. And those 99 cent Whoppers over there at Burger King...well, let's do the math here...NINE DOLLARS in the park...99 cents over thar at Burger King...why gosh, that's a savings of EIGHT DOLLARS AND A PENNY PER PERSON!

      And $2 for a dozen cookies over at Walmart sure sounds better than $2.50 for one cookie in the parks.

      No wonder folks have taken to bringin' back packs full of pb&j sandwiches with 'em when they visit.

      But, chargin' $85 for one day's admission...well...that clearly shows they ain't aimin' at regular families any more...

      Nope...those of us who ain't won the lottery yet...those of us who ain't rich beyond our wildest dreams...well...we are just not in the modern demographic anymore. Soon the only way for little girls to see those princesses will be by buyin' the works in the Bippity Boppity Boo Boutique. No more hugs or pictures for those who can't afford the works.'ll have to wait to see 'em in the parade later.

      Rich people people...step right this way... reckon all this over-pricin' wasn't what Walt Disney had in I recall his dad wasn't all that rich workin' that farm back in Missouri...

      But...the folks in charge of prices at Disney these days haven't got much of a sense of focus is clearly on the here and now...and increasin' that bottom line. Rich folks...step right this way...

      Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

      Wild Ol' Dan
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        Re: The Issue of Overpricing

        My dad absolutely adores Disney, but hates spending money. As a kid, we would bring a little hot water heater and oatmeal, and just have breakfast in the room. On our last trip, my dad even took his egg boiler so he could have boiled eggs, his usual breakfast. We would also make protein shakes to keep us full as long as possible. Then we'd have things like granola bars and water bottles in our bags. He never complained about the restaurant prices, but we would often eat our big meal at lunchtime, when it's cheaper at the sit-downs.
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          Re: The Issue of Overpricing

          I have been to Disney World. I always enjoyed myself there. Even when I visited there by myself, I wish the price tag could have been much less than it turned out to be. I am a compulsive planner, so almost all my trips were planned to keep the costs down as much as I possibly could.

          Then I visited Disneyland in 2005. I realized that a trip to the left coast, almost always cost me less than a comparable trip to Disney World in Florida.

          I now would much rather visit Disneyland that Disney World. It costs me much less, and magically speaking Disneyland has the edge.


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            Re: The Issue of Overpricing

            Originally posted by Wild Ol' Dan View Post
            And a mug of butterbeer over don't wanna know...
            BIGGEST rip-off ever. Neither butter nor beer are involved.


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