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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations


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  • [Other] Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations

    Well my friend and Disney student just spent the week at Disney World. She said that a Cast Member told her that it was closed for renovations after not being worked on since it opened in 1987. (I personally thought it opened in 1980 but I guess I was wrongXD)

    I looked it up and it said that it had been closed since January and would not be open again till May. This surprised me cause I usually keep up with that kind of stuff and I have no idea how it got past me, lol.

    Annnywayyy. I thought it odd that they would be taking such a long time to rebuild it. I know that its in poor shape but why would they need it for that long?

    Could it be they are adding a interactive-queue? I don't know if I would be against one, since the line is usually fairly busy and unlike a lot of Disney Parishes I think the new age games and things in line are a good idea. Hot, long, lines are a part of Disney World that everyone is familiar with, so why not take that negative and turn it into more fun time? (tho this takes away most chances of accidentally spotting any Hidden Mickeys).... it has its ups and downs

    Soooooooo, your thoughts?

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    Re: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations

    It was there in 1983 when I made my first visit. I remember, because my Mom passed out on it.


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      Re: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations

      *gasp* wooooooow.....So I was right about it opening in 1980 (silent victory dance)... Well thats pretty scary! The worst thing thats happened to me on that ride was I left my favourite sunglasses


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        Re: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations

        My best friend is a trainer there, and it was my first Disney attraction, so it is very near and dear to my heart! It hasn't gotten a full-scale refurb in a VERY long time, and really does need it. They are cleaning everything, and rebuilding the queue, which means it will have air conditioning, which will be a HUGE improvment. The main thing that they are doing is what they did during the Space Mountain refurb, which is introducing a newer computer system. The old one would have all kinds of little "hiccups". One day while watching the monitors I had the whole ride shut down because a spider crawled inside one of the sensors :blush:. It's going to be closed for a while, but not even as long as originally planned.
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          Re: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations

          ORDDU: This isn't the first major overhaul for Big Thunder Mountain. It was down a few years ago for another one, which also included a fresh coat of paint.


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            Re: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations

            Question about this . . . Does anyone know if the overhaul is on track for a May opening? I'm going the first week of June and would be disappointed if it got behind schedule!!!
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              Re: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Renovations

              I heard it's due to reopen around May 27th, but it's also possible that date could be pushed back
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