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Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!


Get Away Today

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    Re: Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!

    Originally posted by DLForever View Post
    I've met Bill personally. He is an insider, and knows as much as anyone on this forum.
    So for you he has credibility. For me he's just a guy on a website. And I agree with Twist - what's the big secret?


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      Re: Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!

      Originally posted by Twist1234 View Post
      Eh, OK then I was just asking for a source, not sure why that's so secret.
      If Bill or his source works for the Disney company they are not able to disclose any information. Doing so would risk their jobs and legal action.

      I personally back up Bill on this based on my own sources, but I cannot divulge anything more for the above reason.

      The gist of the story is true, though the details are off.
      "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" -Walt Disney


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        Re: Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!

        I can certainly understand someone being in an inside position and having to be careful about disclosing information. Where I have a hard time is when Bill says we need to trust him just based on his word, with something of an attitude if he's questioned.


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          Re: Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!

          Plus this isn't a big company secret, I mean they reveled they screwed up in the past (Hatty). Sorry I just have my doubts.


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            Re: Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!

            Just reposting this, in case you guys missed it... it WAS confirmed by an Imagineer, here is an actual source, not just MC users

            Originally posted by yoyoflamingo View Post
            Pretty sure that's where I heard it from. I know I've heard it from an Imagineer, and after checking my books, I'm sure it's from one of the behind the scenes specials, just haven't put the DVDs in yet.

            at the 3:57 mark

            Good morning, son
            In twenty years from now
            Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
            And I can tell you 'bout today
            And how I picked you up and everything changed
            It was pain
            Sunny days and rain
            I knew you'd feel the same things...



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              Re: Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!

              Thanks for that, NN.


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                Re: Tower of Terror Blow-OUT!

                Not to nitpick, but the Imagineer says the blew out the walls of the building, not of the elevator car itself. Obviously the grating in the car is to eliminate that, but it makes more sense for the pressure to be outside of the car, not inside it.
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