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Walt Disneys Welcome Room


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  • [Question] Walt Disneys Welcome Room

    The first time i went to the MK, there was a room off to the right of the entrance that housed many of the awards that Walt Disney and his company was awarded. It also had a theater that played a short film about Mr Disney. Did they just eliminate the attraction , or did they move this "A" ticket room?

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    Re: Walt Disneys Welcome Room

    Howdy Pard,

    Well...The Walt Disney Story is no more...but One Man's Dream over at Disney's Hollywood Studios is an OUTSTANDING exhibit you will surely enjoy.

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol' Dan
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      Re: Walt Disneys Welcome Room

      Thanks, Dan !! I used to always hit that before moving on the the Kingdom.The people who first took me to the MK, had me stand and look at the castle, then took me right in there. Made it kind of a special thing for me. I miss it, but i guess i best not be skipping Hollywood anymore. Havent been there since the first year it opened.


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        Re: Walt Disneys Welcome Room

        also, some of the awards (like his Oscars) are housed in the Animation building a short distance away from One Man's Dream.
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