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  • [Other] WDW Music & Live365

    First, I am NOT employed by Live365, get no kickbacks, etc.! I just noticed in the thread about Soarin' music that several people didn't know about Live365.

    It's Internet radio, at Live365 Internet Radio Network - Listen to Free Music, Online Radio. You can listen commercial free by subscribing, and D23 members get a special rate -- you can read about that here:

    I love Live365. I work from home, and I have it playing pretty much all the time. These are the stations I have programmed to listen to most often:

    DVCRadio - Welcome Home (because it plays lots of background music, or BGM, from the resorts themselves)
    D-Magic Radio
    Intercot Radio
    Sorcerer Radio
    MouseWorld Radio 1, 2 & 3

    There are others, of course, but between these, I can pretty much find what I'm in the mood for anytime. I love being able to listen to Future World music, Monorail spiels, etc. I'm THAT much of a complete Disney nerd.

    I paid for the subscription several years ago when we had TiVo so I could listen to it through my TV audio system. Now that we have AT&T Uverse, I limit my listening to the computer, but since I'm glued to the computer almost all day, it works for me!

    It's also a great perk of being in D23 that this is one of the discounts.