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  • [Idea] Pixar Studios

    I have had two major problems with wdw in recent past kind of in an unrelated way. first its near impossible to think of a plausible, interesting idea for a 5th gate at the resort, and second the pixarization of the parks that i find unnerving when its in places it doesn't belong. queue the last disney park of wdw, Pixar studios. this would highlight the many successful Pixar films that have been released over the last two decades and beyond and be a huge crowd draw while saving the other wdw parks from their presence where it either doesn't really fit or isn't needed.

    the park would be located just above Coronado springs and would have a footprint similar to that of DHS. the basis of the park would be that in the "backyard" of Pixar studios, all of the characters from the movies are actually real. the park would be a hybrid location with 4 major lands (one at each corner) separating films with individual stand alone attractions, encircling a large body of water, underneath which would house a finding nemo land. The several lands would include: the atrium (the entrance), Monstropolis, A Bug's land, Toy story play land, Car's land, and Nemo's ocean.

    The atrium: this is the entrance to the park and it starts with the iconic sign as you walk a short ways on a path with lawn on either sides leading up to the big main building Pixar studios is based in. this would make the park similar to that of Tokyo disneyland in that the entrance to the park is indoors. inside the atrium you can see streetmosphere performers posing as pixar animators heading off to work or doing over the top representations of working on projectsin the upper floors on either side ect. there would be a main park store here aptly named the pixar studios gift shop, and a large counter service restaurant called the staff cafeteria, again modeled after the one at pixar. the central icon of the building would be luxo and luxo jr interacting with each other and messing around with the guests as they walk by, a very fun way to enter the park. as for attractions, the atrium would house a theater showing the companies short films and previews for upcoming projects, and a history of pixar film / museum on the scale of one man's dream showing how pixar came to be what it is today and how it connects to disney. from the back of the building, you are then able to enter the park.

    going to the left from here you can reach the first major land of the park, Toy story play land. the land would be made to look like Andy's back yard where the kids have gone to lunch and left the toys out in the yard. while the kids aren't around the toys have the real fun. the centerpiece attraction to this area would be Toy story Midway mania where the facade is shaped like andy's toy box from where you are "picked up" and put in andy's room so you can play the game. this would keep the interior of the attraction pretty much the same and would allow for easy transport from DHS to the new location. Next we would see three other transplants, RC racer as a thrill ride for the area, Slinky dog spin for the kids (but on a scale of something larger like great goofini or pirmeval whirl), and toy soldier boot camp (think jedi training but with green army men instead). Finally there would be a new attraction similar to that of spiderman at universal called Lotso returns. Lotso has gotten off the truck comeback to get revenge on the toy story friends, ride along with woody and buzz as you track down lotso who has taken bullseye and bring him to justice. there would be a toy story meet and greet with buzz, woody, the army men, and jessie but also with some lesser seen characters such as rex, bullseye, and the aliens.

    after this there would be an UP area where there would be a small meet and greet outside a walkthrough of the house (similar to swiss family tree house) and the ice cream stand seen at the end of the film would be open there as well. the area would be heavily based on interactivity and next gen effects particularly inside of the house.

    next we come to the second main land: Cars land. it would be fairly similar to the incarnation coming to DCA with radiator springs racers, Maters junkyard Jamboree, and Luigi's flying tires with the only difference being more space to flesh out the concept of radiator springs a little more. the meet and greet would also not only feature mater and lightning but other characters such as doc, ramone, sally, ect.

    in between cars and the next land would be two smaller areas wall-e. and the incredibles. first the wall-e area would be based on the giant spaceship. it would be a tour of the facilities inside your individual chair pod but then something goes wrong and you have to help wall-e and eve on this e-ticket race through the space station to stop the main computer. after the attraction in the general area there would be a walk around wall-e that people could interact with. then you get to the incredible's area which is themed to a city street and this would be a show where the real life incredibles would be there to show off their skills until an evil super villain comes and he must be stopped.

    next is monstropolis where we get to walk around the streets where monsters live as part of a monster, human exchange program. here we see attractions such as the laugh floor and ride and go seek from tokyo, however we also see the long rumored door coaster themed to monster university (the upcoming film). there is also an interactive show with roz at her desk out front of laugh floor kind of ushering people in yet acting as a stand alone attraction at the same time.

    on the way to a bugs land we get to ratatouile where there is the parks premier restaurant obviously, and a ride along adventure where you hitch a ride on one of Remy's rat friends and stop Skinner from attempting to ruin the new cafe. it would be a sort of c level dark ride with some dark moments and drops.

    finally reaching a bugs land for a full lap of the park we enter the island area where the ant hill is and get to experience the bug life. the center piece attraction is its tough to be a bug, moved from DAK along with the main kids area of the park with the attractions Flicks flyers, dots puddle park, hiemlicks chew chew train, Tuck and rolls buggies, and some next gen effects throughout.

    in the middle of this whole place is nemo's ocean. to get into the land you have to take the attraction from the seas with nemo to go under the artificial lake and get literally under water. here attractions would include the crush coaster from paris and the nemo show from DAK with the amazing puppetry it would do well for a long time. in the line for the crush coaster, the tech from turtle talk could be used to entertain guests.

    this is just a rough idea so far but i think it would be a great addition, what are your thoughts?

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    Re: Pixar Studios

    I'm not sure how the current Pixar rides don't belong in their respective places.

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      Re: Pixar Studios

      as Iv'e already explained its too much of a good thing. one entity, a branch of disney, is taking over a large part of the parks when I don't think that should be the case. obviously they should have a presence but in my opinion they are utilized improperly. In my opinion I see it as a cop out to developing new concepts and individual ideas without a film backing instead going to a popular film and forming something that works to hype it. some of these concepts also miss the mark of what the area is supposed to represent. an example of this is the living seas with nemo. first off it is not at all futuristic and yet it resides in future world, and secondly it is far less to almost non educational as opposed to the attraction it replaced sea base alpha. Nemo is an extremely dumbed down version that essentially takes the "edu" out of "edu-tainment". what would be so bad about updating / adding on to the sea base alpha concept, keeping things educational, entertaining, and an individual concept. then theres the toy story rides, really two shooting games? thats the best you could come up with for such a storied franchise in the american parks? i mean they are both good attractions but I'm sure if they took the time to think about it they would have created something a little different, it misses the mark because the ride created could have been cool if it was something different.

      regardless of our differences on this point however i came up with this concept because it is one of the last true solid ideas wdw could work off of to create a 5th gate if they wanted and it would have sustained popularity because these are great films and proven attractions. On top of this, the creation of this park would open the previously occupied locations in other parks to new exciting concepts and more original thought for the imagineers to hopefully create the next tower of terror, or great movie ride or horizons. just seems like a win win all around to me.


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