Good day everyone (or night depending on which hours you like to chat about Disney), I recently found a little "funfact" about the original Universe of Energy show which no one else seems to have found out about (or so the mighty Google tells me), it reused music from the Adventure Thru Inner Space pre-show audio (TPAA569 according if anyone want to download it) (a bit like the how Star Tours in Japan uses Horizons footage. Anyway just felt like putting this here for fun.

Universe of Energy Original Show- pt 2 of 4 - YouTube (skip to the theater one demo (2:15))

Adventure Thru Inner Space Part 1 - YouTube (skip the Miracles from Molecules part and go to 2:00, just listen through the bone chilling narration from Paul Frees)
I would post direct links to music only tracks but Ive already broken the rules once by accident with another song doing so.