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Mickey's Fun House for MK's Storybook Circus (feedback and critiques welcome)


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  • [Idea] Mickey's Fun House for MK's Storybook Circus (feedback and critiques welcome)

    I've been pretty much resigned to Toontown Fair being encroached by Storybook Circus. Then I came across this: another of the many, many abandoned concepts for Disneyland is this: Mickey's Mad House, which would have been part of the abandoned Dumbo's Circusland back in 1976. According to Davelandblog: "Dumbo's Circusland [was to feature] 'Mickey's Madhouse' -- essentially a wild mouse roller coaster in a dark ride environment, set in the world of early black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons (think of the former Mulholland Madness at Disney California Adventure, but indoors, with no clear view of where the track ahead was going)." Wikipedia simply says, "A funhouse adventure featuring clowns and such." But of course, Dumbo's Circusland never came to be, thanks to it being part of Discovery Bay, based on "The Island At the Top of the World", a movie which just plain flopped at the box office.

    But now, we have Storybook Circus which took over Toontown Fair, as I just said, Anyway, I think to compensate for the loss of Toontown Fair (and the loss of an opportunity to build Goofy's Motor Mania, a dark ride I thought of in the style of Mr. Toad/Roger Rabbit), I think we should add Mickey's Fun House to Storybook Circus. I renamed it "Mickey's Fun House" to tone down something that would probably not be something associated nowadays with Mickey. The ride would also be more of a general dark ride. This version will remove the coaster aspect, for two reasons: first, there is a wild mouse coaster at the Animal Kingdom (Primeval Whirl); and second, there will be several new coasters added to the Magic Kingdom already (okay, one new one will be added, but still...).

    What are your thoughts so far?
    My top favorite Disneyland attractions:

    1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean
    3. Splash Mountain
    4. Mad Tea Party
    5. Peter Pan's Flight
    6. Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

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