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Disneyworld Security Jobs?


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  • [Question] Disneyworld Security Jobs?

    I did a search on the forum and only found posts really pertaining to DisneyLAND security jobs. Any Disney World guards on the forums to help me?

    I'm really interested in becoming a Security person at Disney. All the transfer people and other people I talk to keep telling me that a Law Enforcement college degree was needed to be considered. Is that really true? It doesn't say anywhere that it's required. It's listed in preferred requirements sometimes though.

    Would getting a Security Guard license from the state suffice? Is there any other programs that would make me look more decorated? I would go back to school at get the degree but financially it would horrendously hurt me.

    Would attempts to network and chat up security headhonchos assist me or hurt me?

    One security person said they've hired people with no experience before and that it's all about how you sell yourself at the interview. Any tips on getting them to consider me with no experience?

    Would volunteering to do 3rd shift make me more enticing? )

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    Re: Disneyworld Security Jobs?

    I hope this helps:

    Facilities / Security | Jobs and Careers | Walt Disney World Resort

    Looks like there is one part time post available. And it looks like their requirements are past security experience or campus security, so think University security. If I wanted to go this route, I'd apply for University security positions, get experience there, and then post for a job at WDW when a full time position opened up.


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      Re: Disneyworld Security Jobs?

      In order to be considered for a security position at Disney World these days you must have either a law enforcement degree, law enforcement experience (i.e. police) or a military background.