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4 parks, 1 day...can it be done?!


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    Re: 4 parks, 1 day...can it be done?!

    Good luck!! Can't wait for the TR
    Good morning, son
    In twenty years from now
    Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
    And I can tell you 'bout today
    And how I picked you up and everything changed
    It was pain
    Sunny days and rain
    I knew you'd feel the same things...



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      Re: 4 parks, 1 day...can it be done?!

      I guess it's possible if you're good at planning and everything runs smoothly, but would you really want to? I'd rather just enjoy a park or two than to try and rush through all 4. Granted with the amount of stuff to do at Animal Kingdom, I'd say you could probably get that, DHS and Epcot in all in one day. If you tried to squeeze Magic Kingdom in, I'd think you'd be too rushed to enjoy yourself, though.


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        Re: 4 parks, 1 day...can it be done?!

        YES it can be done...but for what purpose? We did ours as a conclusion to an 8 day trip early December 2011. Believe it or not, we decided to ride 2 rides per park and didn't even get started until 1 pm after lunch at the Earl of Sandwich. Here's how we did it:
        (disclaimer: we had a "handicap universal fast pass")
        We went straight to the Magic Kingdom, rode the Haunted Mansion(no fast pass for this one and the longest line at 30 minutes or so) then we went into Mickey's Philharmagic.
        Hopped on a bus and went to the most distant park (Animal Kingdom) where we rode Expedition Everest TWICE (nothing else we wanted to see that could be seen QUICKLY)
        Onward to Hollywood Studios via bus where we WANTED to ride Tower of Terror and Aerosmith's Rock and Roll Coaster but alas, as we arrived at Aerosmith, it broke down. Because we were on a short timetable, we hit Tower of Terror twice. No regrets there... Finally we grabbed a bus and arrived at EPCOT and rode only one ride, Mission Space (the hard I think). Then we met our friends for dinner in Germany somewhere around 7 pm, followed by World Showcase fireworks. It was exhausting, but great fun. My joy came by fulfilling my wife's quest to hit them all in one day. For the record, I thought she was crazy for trying to do this, especially since we didn't start until after lunch. It's something we will always remember. PS This would have been IMPOSSIBLE without our handicapped fast pass (our team leader had recent back surgery with the scar to prove it)


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          Re: 4 parks, 1 day...can it be done?!

          It would be like eating a really, REALLY rich desert way, WAY too fast.

          No matter where you go, there you are.


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            Re: 4 parks, 1 day...can it be done?!

            Originally posted by joannaorange View Post
            I have allowed about 1.5 hours to get from park to park which should be plenty of time, right? If we ditch the 4 parks plan (bring sanity back to the day) we will most likely stick with HS and MK. I gotta try out space mountain!
            I think 1.5 hours should be more than enough time to get from park to park, barring some unforeseen transportation situation.

            If you're probably going to stick with DHS and MK, I think the previous posters' suggestions to focus on attractions that are not represented at DL is a good idea.

            In addition to the WDW-only attractions that others have listed (Carousel of Progress, PeopleMover, Country Bears, Hall of Presidents, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Great Movie Ride, etc.), I'd also try to hit the ones that have significant differences from their DL counterparts, and/or are generally considered better:

            - The Haunted Mansion has several scenes not found in the DL version, and is generally one of the best maintained attractions in the park.

            - Splash Mountain's scenes are more fully developed than the DL version. Plus, after dozens of experiences on both versions, I've found that the WDW version is much less likely to get you completely drenched, which can be a good thing. The flipside of this is the fact that, at times, the upkeep on the ride is poor, so there might be any number of effects not working when you go.

            - The Tower of Terror, which is the original version, has additional elements not found in any of the other versions. The drop sequences are also more extensive. All in all, probably one of the best attractions in WDW.

            - You mentioned looking forward to Space Mountain. WDW's version is one of my favorite Disney coasters anywhere. A lot of MiceChatters tend to prefer the DL version, citing its better effects and the fact that it's darker. The main difference, though, is the fact that the WDW version is considerably more intense, which many translate as "rougher." While the DL Space Mountain barely has any drops and relies mostly on turns, the MK's Space Mountain has a number of drops that, while not huge, definitely create airtime and make the ride feel more like a "grown up" coaster that's on a slightly different level than, say, Big Thunder. (I also much prefer the queue at the MK; it's nearly all indoors, and really sets the tone for the attraction. There's also a nice little post-show that's only found at the MK Space Mountain.)

            - If you have time for a table service meal, consider either the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theatre or the '50s Prime-Time Cafe. The food is so-so at the Sci-Fi and only slightly better at the '50's Prime-Time, but the real draw is the atmosphere, especially at the Sci-Fi. (If you want comfort food and don't have a lot of time, I believe you can still order off the '50s Prime-Time menu by sitting at the adjacent bar, and save some time that way.)

            Good luck and have fun!


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              Re: 4 parks, 1 day...can it be done?!

              I can hardly stand it...I am SO excited for this trip! Here is what ridemax has planned:

              Hollywood Studios:
              8:50 get fast pass for rock n roll
              8:51 rock n roll
              9:13 tower of terror
              9:49 rock n roll (my friend INSISTS on riding it twice)
              10:16 star tours

              12:00 get fast pass to Mission Space
              1:34 mission space

              Animal Kingdom
              3:00 Dinosaur
              3:46 Expedition Everest

              Magic Kingdom
              6:30 fast pass for splash mtn
              6:35 Tiki Room
              7:07 free time
              8:37 fast pass for big thunder
              8:46 mickey philharmagic
              9:12 small world
              9:33 haunted masion
              9:56 splash mtn
              10:22 big thunder
              10:37 pirates of the caribbean
              11:04 jungle cruise
              11:46 buzz
              12:00 space mtn

              Ridemax also lists the wait time and how long it will take to walk to the next attraction...

              I also printed out other plans that don't include doing all 4 parks. I've included shows and firworks in those at various parks. The rest of our vaction will be spent lounging at the hotel pool so there will be plenty of time to sleep off the craziness of one day! I'll try and get a trip report out when I get back home.