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The constant question: Do you think I could be a face character?


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  • [Question] The constant question: Do you think I could be a face character?

    Yes, I know, the question everyone has heard 1,000+ times. I'm asking it again for myself because although I've been lurking/ stalking threads like those for six years now I've just mustered up the ability to ask for myself.

    So, hi, I'm Cori. I'm 20 and attend college (and have lived my entire life) about 45 minutes south of Disney World. Since I realized what a face character is I became completely determined to hold that honour (just like 500,000 other girls). I'm 5'3.5" (or 63.5" as Disney puts it) with brown eyes and hair (that I dye red because I had to for a show then I just kept it). I've been to 6 auditions now and haven't made it pass the first round in any of them (which is quite discouraging). I've included what might as well be an entire gallery of photos because, yeah, I really want a solid opinion based on more than just one angle/ photo (also note that I am wearing make-up in none of these photos nor have any been enhanced in any way). And please, be honest. I'd much rather have a thought out opinion than "you're so cute, go for it!" or "give up, your ugly," a reason why would be a wonderful help.

    Also, I have some questions: -Do you think they'd give/ take an inch for me because I'm an awkward height blank (there are very few characters that are 5'3")?
    -Do you think it would be wise of me to wear natural blue contacts to my next audition as most characters (especially those closest to my height and face shape (ie: Alice and Wendy and Merida) have blue eyes?
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    Thank you soooo much for any and all help.

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    Re: The constant question: Do you think I could be a face character?

    This video is meant to be comedy, but it does have some good insights into the pickiness of Casting: Working for the Mouse - Face Character Auditions - YouTube

    Entertainment can be picky about the strangest things, and I still haven't figured out the rhyme or reason for most of their decisions. I'd say just keep trying!
    sigpic WDW Cast Member August 2009 - November 2011


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      Re: The constant question: Do you think I could be a face character?

      From what I've heard, they do not give or take an inch (or even half-an-inch) no matter how much they might like everything else about you. Unfair as that might feel, they have so many people who want the job that they can afford to be picky about just selecting the candidates who are going to fit the specifications of the costumes they already have on-hand.


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        Re: The constant question: Do you think I could be a face character?

        Many moons ago, i went to a casting call for a "marching" snare drummer. I had just been discharged from the Marine Corp, where i was a snare drummer for the Marine Drum and Bugle Corp. After my interview, i auditioned. I was told that i was the best rudimental drummer that applied, but i didnt fit the uniform. I was 6-2, 230 lbs and i guess they were looking for someone smaller, or who was limber enough to dance. I was bummed, but i still love WDW !!


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