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Why did they remove the Pearly Band?


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  • DancinBelle
    Re: Why did they remove the Pearly Band?

    There is a band that performs in Fantasyland with costumes that match the area better called the Fantasyland Woodwind Society, and there's the Main Street Philharmonic. I love them both, and I like the current costumes. Although my favorite to catch are the Banjo Brothers and Bob in Frontierland. I rode in a elevator with them once backstage and they were all super nice and funny, and they really connect well with the Guests.

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  • SparkChaser
    started a topic [Question] Why did they remove the Pearly Band?

    Why did they remove the Pearly Band?

    Mostly self-explanatory I saw some early WDW footage that featured a Pearly Band like Disneyland's. Why were they taken out and when? Personally I think that was a mistake I love the DL Pearlies.

    Watching the same movie (the 72' version of the magic of WDW) they featured the Main Street Sax Quartet in old fashioned police uniforms, why the costume change? For awhile didnt they wear Fireman suits as well?

    Maybe I'm picky but frankly I'm just curious. If there are other groups long gone I'd love to hear about them

    See ya walkin' right down the middle of o'l Main Street USA

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