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What's your favorite WDW resort?


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  • [Question] What's your favorite WDW resort?

    I've only ever stayed at the Polynesian but I've seen the others.

    I would have to say the Boardwalk, Yacht Club, and Floridian are my favorites. I love their clean, early era style and all of them are located by the water.

    The Polynesian, Wilderness Lodge, and Port Orleans Riverside make very close seconds. Coronado Springs probably comes in around third.

    I'm interested to hear your opinions.
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    Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

    No one?


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      Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

      I have stayed at

      The Polynesian in 1997 - My husband loved the launch across The Seven Seas lagoon to The Magic Kingdom.

      The Contemporary in 2003 - The proximity to The Magic Kingdom and the monorail through the hotel was just the beginning of all the magic at this hotel.

      Port Orleans Riverside in 2004 - My grandson loved the Cane Pole Fishing, and the boat ride to Down Town Disney was really great.

      Port Orleans Riverside and The Beach Club in 2005 - We returned for more fishing, and my grandson loved the sand bottom swimming pool at the Beach Club. I loved the close proximity to Epcot, MGM, and the room we rented that was actually part of DVC.

      Caribbean Beach and The Grand Floridian in 2006 - The Caribbean Beach is aptly named, and although you can't swim in it's Beach, it has breathtaking views, and nice pools. I loved the Grand Floridian, and they made me feel really special when I stayed there.

      Coronado Springs in 2007 - I stayed here during Christmastime, and the decorations were great. Loved the food court, the room, and the transportation was very good.

      Pop Century in 2009 - my last trip, and my first value resort. I loved the giant icons, and the energy that is present in this resort. The Food Court was great too, and no complaints about the transportation.

      Do I have a favorite? I can honestly say that I loved them all. I had a great vacation each and every time. I fashioned my vacation after the resort that I was staying in at the time.


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        Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

        Only stayed at the animal kingdom villas but loved it there!
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          Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

          I visited the Animal Kingdom Lodge on one of my vacations, and after enjoying a delicious breakfast at Boma, we explored a little bit. The animals were very friendly, and come quite near the hotel.


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            Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

            Boma is a great resturant! The animals are amazing we had giraffes outside our room everyday.
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              Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

              We like staying at Old Key West when we go to WDW. The rooms are a little bigger and you can park close by. We will be staying at the Beach Club in September. It will be the first time there. Anyone stayed there before?


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                Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                I have stayed at all the hotels but pop century and my favorite is fort wilderness cabins due to the nice forest area and not so close neighbors. I love the out doors ,lack of taking elevators , parking 15 feet from my door , no jumping from the people above just a more relaxing experiance to me. I also love taking the boat from the dock to the magic kingdom.... Big plus
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                  Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                  I've stayed at All Star Movies and Port Orleans Riverside. I absolutely loved Port Orleans.
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                    Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                    Loved Coronado Springs. The grounds are beautiful to just wander around, the hammocks are lovely, and the pool is beautiful. The fact that its' used for conventions means the amenities are a step above the other moderate resorts. Loved the variety at the food court.

                    Port Orleans French Quarter was lovely as well. The boats to Downtown Disney were perhaps a little less frequent than I would have liked, and consequently often full. Sharing buses with Riverside during slow times of the day was less than ideal. Still wonderful overall.

                    Pop Century was fine for a (relatively) cheap place to sleep, but to be honest I won't go back to the value resort level. It just felt busy and noisy compared to the moderates.
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                      Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                      I'll rank the resorts I've stayed at from favorite to least favorite (not that we haven't enjoyed any of them!)

                      Boardwalk - my favorite for being walking distance to two parks, four hotels, watercraft, plenty of shopping/dining, classy yet festive atmosphere

                      Wilderness Lodge - very close to being #1, great for its feeling of isolation, immersiveness, possibly the best landscaping on property, and its mix of grandeur and coziness; Magic Kingdom is just a boat ride away

                      Animal Kingdom Lodge - also very immersive, very much like Wilderness in that regard. Not really close to anything, which is a bit of a drawback (even its namesake park requires a bus ride), but possibly the best hotel on property if you were to judge it solely on its own merits

                      Beach Club - spectacular pool, with many of the same strengths as the Boardwalk. I preferred Boardwalk's decor, though

                      Port Orleans Riverside - I know I'm probably "supposed" to place Contemporary above this little moderate resort, but I found Riverside's quaint and isolated feel very charming and appealing. Bay Lake Tower felt more like a megaplex...

                      Coronado Springs -another moderate that could easily pass as a deluxe IMO, with beautiful grounds, clever and exotic theming, and a grand feeling that makes it truly feel like like a "resort". Some of the rooms seemed VERY far from the lobby, though.

                      Contemporary (Bay Lake Tower) - despite previous comments, a very nice resort with easy access to Magic Kingdom

                      Saratoga Springs

                      All-Star Movies

                      All-Star Music

                      ...Is that it? Is that really it? I thought I'd stayed on much more of property than that. Oh well... there's your list, OP. Let it be said that Boardwalk and Wilderness are officially my co-favorites.


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                        Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                        My order in ones I have stayed in

                        1. Beach Club and Boardwalk because I love being able to eat in Epcot then walk home.
                        2. Wilderness Lodge because of the really nice atmosphere.
                        3. Grand Floridian Resort and Spa because it has a nice Victorian theme.
                        4. Pop Century Resort because it is decent and it is a value so you wont have high expectations.
                        5. Carribean Beach because it sucked. Long walk to the main lobby and we had cheerleaders next to our room and it was hard to sleep at night. The one good thing is the Superbowl Party thing that they did.

                        I have DVC in Bay Lake but haven't stayed there yet.
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                        Trips to WDW / DLR

                        Wilderness Lodge - 2 times
                        Beach Club - 3 times
                        Boardwalk - 2 times
                        Caribbean Beach - 1 time
                        Grand Floridian - 1 time
                        Disneyland Hotel - 1 time
                        Pop Century - 3 times
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                          Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                          My list of faves of the ones I've stayed at:
                          1.Old Key West-love the decor and architecture of that area, and the slightly carribean feel to it all...beautiful place for my early morning jogs(also our DVC home resort)
                          2.Beach Club Villas-once again the decor and the entire seafaring feel of the resort is that pool slide and walking distance to EPCOT
                          3.Saratoga Springs-love that spacious feeling the entire resort has
                          4.Port Orleans-French Quarter-love NOLA and this resort captures the architecture and feel beautifully
                          5.Treehouse Villas-early morning peacocks and the spacious feeling

                          I've only stayed at Boardwalk once, and it was ok. Just not enough there to make me stay there again over any of the other places I've listed
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                            Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                            I've stayed in Carribean Beach, Dixie Landings (when it was called that), Port Orleans, All Star Movies, and Coronado Springs.
                            Of these, my favorite is the Dixie Landings. Beautiful grounds, wonderful theming, even the bus stops were attractive and fitting of the theme. I loved the food court and Boatwright's Dining Hall. Taking the water taxi to Pleasure Island was really fun, too.

                            Of those I haven't stayed at, I'd say Wilderness Lodge. Staying there is definitely on my bucket list.

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                              Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                              My family and I have stayed at Port Orleans Riverside the few times we've visited WDW, and wow that is probably our favorite (or we wouldn't keep booking it!)

                              We always stay in Alligator Bayou, and despite it being a moderate resort, the landscaping here is top notch. We also really like the food court here, and the make your own pasta is fantastic! I also seem to recall that my brothers really enjoyed this resort's arcade specifically.

                              Although we haven't actually stayed at, our family very much loves the Wilderness Lodge and visits it for the Whispering Canyon Cafe. Hopefully we'll book there sometime!

                              And personally, I'd love to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Grand Floridian. I visited both for dining reservations and adored the atmosphere at each location. It's so hard to choose just one!
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                                Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                                My favorite hands down is the Contemporary. I've stayed at the Polynesian too and semi-stayed at the Caribbean Beach, All Star, Boardwalk, and Animal Kingdom Lodge. By semi-stayed I mean I lived in Orlando for a while and may have crashed with visiting relatives a few times. I'd like to try Boardwalk or something in that area or the Wilderness Lodge sometime, but I don't know if I could pry myself away from the Contemporary.
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                                  Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                                  Of the resorts I've stayed at:

                                  The Dolphin-Love it and have stayed there most times.

                                  Coronado Springs- Of the Disney owned. Moderate resort with deluxe amenities.

                                  Of the resorts I wish to stay in someday:

                                  The Polynesian!



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                                    Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                                    So far our fave is the Polynesian. Also stayed at Coronado, Caribbean Beach and All Star Music. Really want to stay at Contemporary because, IMO, it looks cool.


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                                      Re: What's your favorite WDW resort?

                                      Port Orleans and wilderness lodge.


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