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Sword in the Stone Ceremony Revival


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  • News Sword in the Stone Ceremony Revival

    ORWEN: So us Cauldron girls braved the heat and humidity and flew from Morva to the Magic Kingdom on Sunday, 7/22/12, and while visiting our character friends in Fantasyland, all 3 of us were shocked to suddenly hear a familiar song being played by some Fantasyland minstrels.

    ORDDU: The song we heard was 'That's What Makes the World Go 'Round'--from The Sword in the Stone. This is the same song that was always played during the former Sword in the Stone Ceremony, which we miss so much.

    ORWEN: So when we heard the baritone horn that was playing this song, we almost knocked down several guests as we all went running toward the front of the carrousel.

    ORGOCH: Speak fer yerself, sister! I didn't knock NOBODY down. Ya did that on yer own!

    ORDDDU: When we got to the famous sword stuck deep into a stone and anvil, we expected to see Merlin. To our surprise, we only saw four musicians playing the familiar song as a little boy was allowed to pull the sword up from the anvil--just like this had been done in previous ceremonies. But we didn't understand why Merlin was absent.

    ORWEN: So we asked a cast member who was there, too, where Merlin was. She said he was still away and not part of this newly revived ceremony. We told her this didn't make sense. How could you have the Sword in the Stone ceremony brought back without Merlin???

    ORDDU: She agreed that it didn't make sense so we pressed her, further, to find out if this might mean Merlin would return to the ceremony at some future point. She replied that she really didn't know for certain but, for now, it doesn't seem as though Merlin will be back.

    ORWEN: But I wouldn't be surprised if this was some sort of test to see if the former ceremony WITH Merlin might come back. After all, we had heard a rumor some months back that Merlin might make a return to the Magic Kingdom in some form. Just keep your broomsticks crossed for Merlin's return, ducklings!

    ORGOCH: An' be sure ta keep yer fingers crossed that my two looney sisters don't mow ya down like blades a grass if'n he does!!!

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    Re: Sword in the Stone Ceremony Revival

    It's so weird that they didn't have Merlin available...I think his presence would help draw attention to their Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom game they have going as well, so they might as well make him out.


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      Re: Sword in the Stone Ceremony Revival

      This is incredible news. It's rare that something like this returns after going away. So much of what has been lost at WDW in the last 18 years or so has to do with "little" experiences like this that cumulatively add up. It's incredibly encouraging and refreshing to see something like this come back.

      My guess is that Merlin's not in the show because you have to have CMs that can be "friends with Merlin" and most if not all of them won't be able to be friends with any other character - that means most if not all of them will be new talent that will have to be trained. Merlin is easily the most expensive part of the show. Here's hoping Disney bites the bullet and brings him back - his presence adds a lot to the show and I think he'd be much more relevant now with the new SotMK.
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        Re: Sword in the Stone Ceremony Revival

        What PSUMark says makes sense. The band members can be pulled from any other area to quickly change costumes and perform this, and they're already on the clock. The Merlin character would require an added person to be added to the payroll.
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          Re: Sword in the Stone Ceremony Revival

          Remember when "Show" was more important than "Cheap"?


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