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Whats the deal with the missing lake?


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  • [Question] Whats the deal with the missing lake?

    I was just on Google Earth doing some before and after comparisons of WDW and I noticed that the semi circular lake in front of Team Disney Orlando was taken out sometime around 2010/2011.

    That lake was part of the architect's original vision for the building. It was to seem as if the building was placed on top of the large lake and it bisected the waterway. No it makes no sense as to why there is water adjacent to the building on the western side but on the eastern side it is now just grass.

    I know it is probably not that important but I am upset that Disney took it out. I get annoyed when architectural masterpieces are altered to diminish their value.

    Does anyone know why they took it out?

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    Re: Whats the deal with the missing lake?

    I was reading a post about that another site - can't remember where - but it said that after heavy rain, the pool became indistinguishable from the ground and people kept stepping into it. One would think some guardrails would be the simpler solution to this problem, but oh well.

    Bizarrely, I have fond memories of that pool. I used to wade around in it when I visited my mom's work at Team Disney. I don't think she liked it when I did that, but the other employees always found it funny. Ahh, the joys of being 17... (just kidding... I was 4).


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