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  • Trip Report Epcot World Showcase Details

    I've seen a lot of trip report or "special interest" threads containing photos of "details" in various Disney parks, and frankly, I love them and enjoy taking those sorts of photos myself. I had noticed however that I'd never seen a thread that addressed details of World Showcase at Epcot, and so, being an enterprising sort of fellow, I determined that I should take care of that unfortunate oversight. Now granted, the below pics are from my last WDW trip in March, 2011, but I'd say they're, by and large, still representative of what one would see in World Showcase today.

    These pics will take you from the China pavilion on a southerly route along and amongst the various countries in attendance, ending up in the area of the UK. Mostly you'll see pics of little details and architectural goodies that I noticed while strolling through World Showcase (this was the first time I'd had the chance to spend some quality time there), but there are some vista shots, some cast members scattered about, and a few night shots during Illuminations. Before you get excited, please note that my nighttime photography skills are somewhat lacking (who am I kidding - I stink at it... lol), so I only included the few that looked fairly decent. Also, I only took one pic in the US pavilion since I figured most of us live there, and I wanted to concentrate on the non-US countries represented. My one regret is that I didn't start back over in Mexico, but now I have an excuse for a future trip. :thumbup:

    Without further ado then, let's away to China and start the trip, shall we..?

    Getting into Germany now, I believe...

    Beer steins..! Brings back Oktoberfest memories from Munich when I was in-country as a younger man in my military days...

    These little vignettes were pretty cool... and I love garden railroads...

    Notice the colored pole at the lower-left? Wanna guess which country is next..?

    Yep, it's time for Italy..!

    Messing with a guy with THAT kind of physique AND a trident is likely not a good idea... I mean, talk about chiseled..!!! :lol:

    Just love the tile work and window openings...

    Here's your one shot from the US pavilion...

    ... and moving on to... anyone care to guess..?

    If you said Japan, ten points for you.! Let's check out the pavilion of the rising sun...

    I'm not sure why I found this shot interesting, but hey, at least I'm thorough...

    How do you say, "Whoa there, big fella!" in Japanese..???

    Now, these gals put on a 30-minute show with these huge drums, and they were AMAZING!

    For those of you longing for a Jungle Cruise witticism... I present... The backside of a Japanese tower thingy..!!

    I'll admit I have a thing for Japanese culture being a martial artist and such, so I just had to check out the Mitsukoshi gift shop. Thank goodness I left the credit cards at home... lol... or it would have been ugly. I took TONS of pics in there, but I'll only post a few here...

    Moving westward around the globe now from the Japanese islands to the northwestern Africa...

    Hmm... Where could we be...??

    Well, when all else fails, just look for the signs I suppose...

    I must say I was expecting the genie at any moment to come through that archway...

    These guys were awesome... One thing I LOVE about a Disney park is the live music...

    I don't remember what she was selling, but I adored the fabulous purple of her outfit...

    Sorry, but a fez makes me think of Sallah in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"... :lol:

    The ladies' accessories aisle at the Moroccan bazzar, I expect...

    I really admire how they're able to get these wonderful aged patinas out of their building materials... Looks so authentic...

    Ok, talk bad about me if you like, but I have NEVER seen a woman move her body like this lady could... Wowza! I'd break every bone in my body if I tried to dance like she could... lol.

    So... North across the Mediterranean to France then...

    I know what "arts" are... Hope it means the same in French...

    I had a fantastic merlot in this shop served up by two very French gentlemen whom I trust were saying nice things about me. Drinking wine while walking through a Disney park was a very new experience for me, but exquisite nonetheless...

    Love the artwork here...

    Ok, so I was at least able to figure THIS one out... lol.

    Two of my favorite things... Flowers and purple...

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, we even have some Disney topiaries for your viewing pleasure...

    Sunset is almost upon us...

    Looking back across the lagoon toward the German and Italian pavilions...

    The China pavilion with the big balloon overhead out at Downtown Disney...

    Run, you old codfish..!!

    This is simply a must in the UK... Evening tea anyone..?

    ... and here are my few shots of Illuminations...

    Sorry, the moon was just too big and full to NOT take a picture... lol.

    TA-DA..!!!! And that will close our trip through World Showcase for today. I hope you all enjoyed it, and if you haven't made it to Florida yet to see this part of Epcot, I can't recommend it enough. It's fabulous. Thanks all, and have a magical day..! )
    -Tony :roll:

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    Re: Epcot World Showcase Details

    These are wonderful photos. World Showcases is one of my favorite places in the world. (Not just Disney World, but the "World" world.) I would love to see more, including Mexico, Norway, and Canada.
    Thanks for posting.
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      Re: Epcot World Showcase Details



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        Re: Epcot World Showcase Details

        I absolutely LOVE the details at EPCOT and Animal Kingdom. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of EPCOT with us. Looking forward to seeing more.


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          Re: Epcot World Showcase Details

          Thanks everyone... Glad to know you like them. :-)
          -Tony :roll:


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            Re: Epcot World Showcase Details

            Great pics and trip report ! One observation, ...why is it, that every trip report from Epcot always has a pic of the belly dancer ? !.....and thank you !!!


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              Re: Epcot World Showcase Details

              Redrhino... LMAO!!! I have no idea, but this was the first time I'd ever seen her, so I get a pass for this trip report... ;-)
              -Tony :roll:


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                Re: Epcot World Showcase Details

                That was indeed a treat, especially for those of us that are lucky to get to the park every few years. Thanks so much for taking the time to post.


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                  Re: Epcot World Showcase Details

                  I'm in the same boat as you Scott, and you're quite welcome.
                  -Tony :roll:


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