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IllumiNations: Why can't I care?


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  • [Fun] IllumiNations: Why can't I care?

    I've seen IllumiNations Reflections of Earth now 2xs in person and numerous times online (hoping another vantage point would help) but I just can't seem to get into it. I love EPCOT, it's my favorite park in WDW. I especially love World Showcase. It's a feast for the eyes (and palet!) WS = Beautiful!

    IllumiNations seems to drag on, it feels slow and dated. (Dated being the least of my worries) Don't get me wrong, I'm a SUCKER for the other nighttime offerings on property.

    Don't get me wrong, I WANT to like it. In fact I want to LOVE it!

    Why do you like it and WHY? Help me understand. LOL!
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    Re: IllumiNations: Why can't I care?

    It is a great show! The music is inspiring, the fireworks are amazing, the special effects are spectacular. Really the best show Disney has ever produced. It combines the great firework spectaculars of Magic Kingdom with the great story and interesting visuals of Fantasmic! It is such a large scale that it is impressive.


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      Re: IllumiNations: Why can't I care?

      I love Illuminations - primarily for the music and storytelling. In that regard, it's stellar.

      The effects really need to be updated though (HD screens on the globe, World of Color-esque water effects for starters) and it does drag at times. Honestly I think if they updated those effects, that would go a long way towards helping the pacing - people would be more engaged by the fountains when there weren't any fireworks, and they'd be more interested in the globe because they'd actually be able to see what it's showing.
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        Re: IllumiNations: Why can't I care?

        With the exception of the Holiday finale, I am really not blown away by the show anymore.

        It is time for enhancements.


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          Re: IllumiNations: Why can't I care?

          The show DOES need just a little sprucing up other than that it's still a fantastic show that I enjoy everytime I watch, just wish they would spruce up the effects a bit...
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            Re: IllumiNations: Why can't I care?

            Frozen Margaritas at the Mexico Pavilion make everything a little more magical!