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  • [Chat] New Fantasyland Cast Member Costumes

    Here's a bit of old-ish news that I didn't see posted anywhere over here. As you know Storybook Circus has those new ringmaster costumes that I'm kind of on the fence about, but apparently all of Fantasyland is getting new costumes as well.

    Here's the Disney Parks blog story about it.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually put the money and effort into making the costumes themed to the many sub-areas of the new enormous Fantasyland. I also don't know if this means the end of the Bavarian/Swiss costumes cast members wear now. They actually look pretty good too and I know what you're thinking, how do they look as actual clothes. Design art can at times be misleading.

    A couple moths ago they actually showed some real pieces off and the Orlando Sentinel was good enough to take a few pictures. I actually like these. I like them quite a lot. My favorites are probably the green outfit in the first picture and the 3rd picture which I'm assuming is for Gaston's, though I'm not too sure about the tie. The impressive thing is they actually look like real costumes and not vaguely fantasy themed generic work uniforms. With all the stories of management trying to cut corners and streamlining costumes into a single look that can be used for multiple areas, this is a very pleasant surprise. It's as if they finally learned that people actually care about theme. All it took was another company to do it just as well. Now if they can just do something about the god awful costumes at Epcot's Future World they might be on to something.
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