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  • Disney Vacation Club

    Is anyone a member? I'm thinking of purchasing a share. I just wanted to know if people thought it was worth it and what the best packages were.


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    Re: Disney Vacation Club

    I'm curious also....any information would be appreciated.
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      Re: Disney Vacation Club

      My wife and I have been DVC members for about seven years now. Quite possibly the best investment we've ever made. We live in San Diego, and we've used it all over: Disneyland, Disney World, the Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland Paris, the Plaza in New York, etc. And now they've added the Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland resorts.

      A few years after buying in, we bought again. It's so incredibly worth it. If you want, I can probably put you directly in touch with our contact at DVC.

      And, of course, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!
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        Re: Disney Vacation Club

        I am wondering how much does it cost to buy into and how many vacations could you possibly get out of the purchase? What is the cost compared to paying for the trips individually? I have been interesting in learning more about this and evern moreso now that they have added TDL.

        You mentioned the Plaza in New York- what kind of Non-disney locations does the club work at? I have no clue how the program works.
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          Re: Disney Vacation Club

          I joined and I think it is a great investment. You can get 15% off when you know of someone from the DVC. Not sure if it works in WDW? I got it out here at DL.
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            Re: Disney Vacation Club

            We've been members of DVC for about 6 years. Our home resort is at the Boardwalk Villas.

            If you buy directly from Disney, the minimum buy in 150 points. I don't know what the current point cost is right now. You can also buy smaller contracts via a resale. Right now Disney is only selling Saratoga Springs.

            Well the cost per trip will vary by what resort you choose, the amount of points needed, possibly your view (I'm a BWV owner), and the time of year.
            Early Decemer is popular for DVC members due to the low point cost per night/week and the Christmas decorations. However, around Christmas time the same 1 bedroom villa will cost your more points per night/week.

            The program works with points. You purchase x amount of points at some DVC resort. You receive the same x amount of points per use year. At the 11 month window, you can book your trip at your home resort. At the 7 month window, you can switch (if available) your reservation to another DVC resort. Then there are various collections of places you can use your points. Many DVC members feel using your points outside the DVC resorts themselves is a waste of points. I could care less. I've used mine for a Disney cruise when I was strapped for cash but had points burning a hole in my pocket. There are MANY hotels worldwide as well as DCL and other cruise lines that you can exchange your points into. However, I wouldn't buy into DVC with the sole purpose of trading out of it.
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