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Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT


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  • [Question] Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

    hi all!

    I actually have my plane tickets in hand and am FINALLY getting a quick trip to family and WDW after a good 6 years and three cancelled trips! Since I live in California, I have been fortunate to get to to visit Disneyland several times in those 6 years--so I really want to maximize what little time I'll have when in WDW by focusing on new/different experiences and wanted some EPCOT advice.

    I'll be visiting the first week of November and will be visiting EPCOT on a Monday. I was thinking I'd hit Mission: Space first thing and then head over to Innoventions for Sum of All Thrills--which I've never done.

    My questions: what time does Sum of All Thrills open--does it open with park opening? In which side of Innoventions is it located? Will hitting after Mission: Space work--or will the lines already be crazy long?

    I'm also thinking of doing Phineas & Ferb. On which side of Innovations is the pick-up of the device?

    Here's my plan: Mission Space--then Sum of All Thrills--then over to the Land for Soarin' fastpasses--then Living with the Land---then Circle of Life--then Soarin' (if Fastpasses ready)--then Nemo--then Universe of Energy--close out Future World with Spaceship Earth and spend the rest of the day in World Showcase (and if have extra time will go to the rest of Innoventions and Imagination)


    Brer Dan

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    Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

    I would probably get the Soarin' fast pass immediately on park opening, then start hitting the rides. If you wait, it may be pretty late in the day before your FP comes due.

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      Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

      The Sum of All Thrills is in Innoventions: East and, as far as I can tell, the lines shouldn't be that bad.


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        Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

        Thanks. I'm not too worried about Soarin' since we have it over here in California. I'm more concerned about getting in all the other stuff as quickly as we can so that we have lots of time for World Showcase and the Food and Wine Festival.

        Thanks for the location on Innoventions.


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          Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

          You're going to be in for a real treat (pun intended) for the Food and Wine Festival. My DGF and I absolutely LOVED it (the highlight of our WDW trip). The Sum of All Thrills is a very fun (yet underrated) attraction.

          The great thing about the Food and Wine Festival is that it seems to suck in the crowds. When we went, the World Showcase was fairly crowded (with the festival goers) leaving Future World fairly empty (and short lines for everything except Soarin').


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            Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

            just try not to go all over the park in no order
            but have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
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              Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

              When we were there a few weeks ago, Innoventions opened at 10 AM, and closed at 7PM, even though FW was 9 to 9. Imagination normally has the same hours as Innoventions, but it stayed open for EMH. And I wouldn't worry about saving extra time for the rest of Imagination....Captain EO isn't drawing anybody any more, and half of the displays in the post-show of Imagination were broken. Still, it was my son's favorite ride, and we rode it 10 times that day. Lots of fun.


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                Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

                Do not get too excited about the coaster building because you choose from about 4 different options, but the ride simulator is great! Defiantly ride the Sum of All Thrills!
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                  Re: Q on Sum of All Thrills at EPCOT

                  Thanks for all the great information. Good to know WHERE to go in Innoventions and that it opens up a little later. Given that, I'll probably go from Space directly to the Land and then over to Innoventions, followed by the Seas, Spaceship Earth and Energy....and MAYBE Imagination. I don't mind a hectic first half of the day--my parents will be joining later and I know it will be a slower exploration of World Showcase


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