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How I do all 4 parks in one day.


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  • Trip Report How I do all 4 parks in one day.

    Just thought I would post something describing how I do 4 parks in one day. Obviously you can switch things around and substitute rides for your favorites but this can kind of give you a guideline of how I do things.

    First a couple of things about me. i am from Boston but have family in Orlando and travel there a couple times of year and I always make sure I hit Disney up for a day while I am there. I have been there too many times to count and have figured out a route that I like to take. I will try to put in as many valuable tips as I can. I usually tend to go by myself when I go because it's easier but I have brought along other people too. I just have to make sure I keep things moving when I bring guests. I always go midweek, during off peek times, ie kids in school, no special events at any of the parks, not during holidays / spring break / summer.


    1. Tickets - Buy your tickets at a resort or ahead of time this will save you a lot of time. I buy mine at The Boardwalk Hotel because I start and finish my day there.

    2. Walk along the path that goes from the Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios. It's a really nice walk and not that far. It's also quicker than waiting for a bus or taking a boat. I usually go down to Boardwalk and grab a coffee and drink it on the walk. Really good way to start the day.

    3. Everyone says to utilize fast passes. However, if you are by yourself and only have one day a FP can actually slow you down. You might be waiting around for your time when really you could have just waited in line or gone through single rider line instead. I only used 3 Fast passes the whole day as you will see below and I really only needed to use 1 (soarin).

    4. This is how I did my most recent trip which was in mid May. Good time to go. After spring break but before summer vacation. The parks were practically empty. I think the longest line I waited in was 20 minutes.

    First Stop Hollywood Studios
    The gates usually open about 15 minutes before the rides do so I get there about 30 minutes before the scheduled time and when the gates open up I head immediately to...

    Tower of Terror - I was 3rd in line and got on the very first ride of the day. When I got off I immediately rode it again with no wait.

    Aerosmith Rockin Roller Coaster- There was no line anyway but I hopped in single rider and did this 2 times in about 10 minutes. Both times got front row too.

    Great movie ride - I love this ride and I had to do it twice even though it's the same ride. Because you have to do Cowboy and Gangster right?

    Time to leave. Hop on a bus and next stop Animal Kingdom
    I got lucky here and a bus just happened to be there when I came out so I didn't waste time waiting around. First ride...

    Expedition Everest - Another ride with a single rider option although only when it's busy and today it wasn't busy so I had to use the regular queue. This isn't so bad because like all the rides at disney the queue is actually pretty cool and the wait was only about 5 minutes. I grabbed a fast pass too because the return time was only 20 minutes later. I rode this twice and then used my FP for the third ride.

    Safari - I don't always do this ride because it takes too long and quite frankly it's not one of my favorites but today I was making such good time that I said what the heck. The wait time to get on was nothing.

    Dinosaur - No wait time again (off peak times! I can't stress that enough). Just rode this once. It was starting to get really hot out so I had to take a break and grab a quick bite to eat and have a cold beer before I continued. I like it's tough to be a bug but didn't really feel like heading over there at this point so I left. I don't like Kali river rapids unless I'm done for the day after. Kinda hard moving around when you're soaked!

    Hopped on a bus and headed to the Magic Kingdom
    Space Mountain - The wait for Space mountain was only about 20 minutes and FP return was only an hour later so I grabbed a FP and hopped in line.

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority - I know I know really! The people Mover! Hey, I like this ride a lot. I don't know why. Maybe it's just the change of pace.

    Stich's Great Escape - Bitter sweet for me as Alien Encounter was always one of my favorites. A similar ride just a little more G-rated for the kids. But that's for another post.

    Space Mountain - One more time with the Fast pass.

    Haunted Mansion - A classic. The new queue is great. Just a great ride all around and one of my favorites.

    Splash Mountain - Closed for refurbishment! No Way!

    Thunder Mountain - Just once today.

    Pirates of the Caribbean - Animatronics at it's best

    Jungle Cruise - For some reason this had a long line - maybe it broke down at one point so I skipped it

    Monorail to Epcot
    I always like to end at Epcot because it's a great way to wind down after a long hectic day. Today I decided to check and see what soarin was like and the line was very long but there were actually fast passes still available! This hardly ever happens at Soarin as they tend to go quickly. So I grabbed one even though my return time wasn't for a few hours and headed over to the Rose and Crown Pub for a few beers. I hung out here for most of the rest of the night and met up with some friends who work for disney when they got off and had a few drinks and listened to some good music. I went back and rode soarin at my fast pass time then went over to espn at the Boardwalk for dinner and walked around the Boardwalk and headed home.
    Four parks, The Boardwalk, ESPN, 20 rides, Breakfast, lunch and Dinner, Drove, walked, rode a bus, and rode the monorail, all in one great Disney Day!

    Thanks For Reading. Let me know what you think and if you have ever done this before.

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    Re: How I do all 4 parks in one day.

    What a fun plan! Thanks for sharing!
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