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  • [Question] Be Our Guest Restauran

    Hey guys! So I've been trying to get a dinner reservation for this restaurant for December 11th ever since they started taking them. I've tried about twice a day online with no luck. Since people needed to use a card to get the reservation when do they have to cancel so I know when the best time to try and get a reservation. Also I know this is a stretch, but if anyone has a reservation for that day and isn't going to use it my boyfriend and I would be happy to!
    Jeff Wayne

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    Re: Be Our Guest Restauran

    I booked the day ADRs started. It's a bit of a beast (har har har) to get a dinner ADR (at least for the first few months.) My biggest advice is just to check, twice per day on the disney dining site. For those with packages, who need to pay up or cancel by 45 days, the deadline is coming soon. Keep checking. People might cancel.

    Worse comes to worse, you can always dine there for lunch and still enjoy seeing the restaurant.


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      Re: Be Our Guest Restauran

      I thought you didn't have to cancel until something like 24 or 48 hours before the date of the dining reservation as to not get charged 10 bucks per person if you fail to cancel.

      I will say there's a good chance there will be some people cancelling reservations due to them changing their plans and/or just canceling all together their trips but remember, from what I was told, that when someone cancels a dining reservation, it immediately shows up online and for those looking for a table. So it really is a luck of the draw and timing, you will never know if you've looked at the exact time that someone cancels.

      remember, it worked for me twice when I couldn't get any reservations the first day and I'm not a ADR. I got mine through the online booking agent and just kept trying and trying different times of the day, more than once, almost everytime I was near or by a computer. I finally got the 2 days I wanted but I checked more than 2x a day.

      Worse case, the day you arrive, after seeing the table set up and rooms, you may be able to see if a table for 2 is open for the day you arrive. Maybe they can squeeze you in for some no shows or last minute cancellations. I doubt it but you never know.

      If you just dont' get a reservation remember you can still dine there via lunch in the music box room where everyone can dine for lunch without a reservation.

      Good luck and don't stop trying.