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Was it busy this holiday weekend or today?


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  • [Question] Was it busy this holiday weekend or today?

    My fiance and I will be celebrating our Honeymoon next year Nov. 9-14th and Veterans days falls on the 11th. This is our first time going to WDW and I wonder if I should prepare for crowds. We plan on doing a park a day before we leave on the Disney Cruise.

    Any other tips are welcomed as well

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    Re: Was it busy this holiday weekend or today?

    I hope you have a lot of fun on your special day, not only due to your anniversary, but also your first Disney trip!

    I personally have never went during that time frame, however I can tell you with Disney (and depending on which park you're going to) you're always going to expect crowds. I haven't been there on that particular holiday, however whenever I've gone to Disney for even minor ones it would definitely be packed.

    Also, it depends of if there might be other events going on, such as the Food and Wine festival for one example. This year it ended on the 12th of this month and therefore, if it runs the same time frame as it had this year it would be the tail end of the event which means EPCOT will be packed.

    Last year, for my birthday we decided to do that and since it was the last weekend of the Food and Wine festival it was packed and the lines for the food and also rides were insanely long.

    As for a tip, I would suggest try to think and plan out the rides you want and find out which ones have fast passes. When you get there (preferably when they first open) that's when you would go to that location to get the first fastpass of your choosing. Unfortunately, you can only have one and used it, but after a certain amount of time (which would be on your card) you can have another one, and you can move on to get another fastpass from a ride you want.

    If you know all that I'm sorry. I do not know if you know how fast passes work and I wouldn't want to give you the tip and you're surprised you can't have multiple ones at the same time.

    Another thing is if you plan on trying to ride Sorin' (if you go to EPCOT) I suggest that being the ride you get your first fastpass (Or Space Mountain at MK). No matter how busy that day those rides are the ones that everyone wants to go to, so it's best to get there early and get one. One time our family and I didn't do that and when we went back to get one they no longer had any.


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