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Lights, Motors, Action at Disney M-G-M


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  • Lights, Motors, Action at Disney M-G-M

    ORDDU: Greetings to all you sweet little Miceage Ducklings out there! My sisters and I flew in from Morva, today, just so we could experience the newest attraction at Disney M-G-M--where they were having cast preview Days for the new Stunt Show--Lights, Motors, Action!

    ORWEN: Yes, and if you don't want to be spoiled, please don't read anything more. Just go back to whatever else you were doing because we don't want to ruin anything for you.

    ORGOCH: 'Course, if'n yer the type that likes livin' dangerous-like, then keep on readin'.

    ORDDU: To begin with, the show we saw had a lengthy delay time. It must have started nearly an hour later than originally scheduled. But there is this HUGE indoor queue area that will most certainly be welcomed in the summer heat that Florida is so famous for.

    ORWEN: Speaking of HUGE, the stadium like seating is pretty big, too. The metal bleechers sort of remind us of the metal seating for FANTASMIC!

    ORDDU: As for the stunt show, itself, there is a giant screen built into the background sets, where there is a pre-show, of sorts, that flashes trivia questions for you to answer before the main event gets going.

    ORWEN: Then the director of the stunt show comes out to introduce himself and explain a few things about the attraction. The thing that got me, was, they do so MUCH introducing and explaining of things, that it ruins the pacing of the show--even more so than over at INDIANA JONES.

    ORDDU: And many of the stunts are predictable and nothing to write home to Morva about.

    ORGOCH: If'n yer a little tyke--who's inta big bangs, along with a few flyin' cars ev'ry now 'n then--ya might act'ly LIKE this dang thing.

    ORDDU: But, for us, it just wasn't appealing enough to bring us back for a second viewing. Perhaps there are others of you who will react very differently. But, for now, this is our sad review of the whole thing.

    ORWEN: I will say that the sets for the backgrounds are well done!

    ORDDU: And, truthfully, if we hadn't gone to see the show, I would have missed out on sitting next to one of the most dreamy looking HUNKS I've seen in a long time!!! I'm sure he must have smiled at me at least once, during the performance--when his wife wasn't looking, of course...

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    Thanx for the synopsis Witches. I will be able to see it come May!
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      The cast previews aren't until April 6-7. It was just a soft opening.


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        ORDDU: Well, there WAS a cast preview for Cast Members of Disney M-G-M--only--on 3/13/05. They also allowed a few guests into the mix on that same day. We know this because a waiter from the Prime Time Cafe was with us at the time, telling us exactly what sort of event it really was. It was not a soft opening in the traditional sense.


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          How does any of this MGM stuff have to do with the resort questions?


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            Originally posted by xomegan06
            How does any of this MGM stuff have to do with the resort questions?
            It doesn't. Topics are discussed here by threads. This thread deals with the LMAX preview that Witches wanted to share with us. The 'resort' question I believe you are referring to is being discussed in a separate thread. Hope this helps .
            These are the games that never end.


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              Thanks for the review ladies.

              If you'd be so kind, I've got a couple of questions about how it compares to the Paris show.
              (Somebody please correct me if I've gone about this the wrong way but...)

              ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

              1. Does Herbie make much of an appearance, if at all?
              His time on stage was cut down dramatically (and for the better) in Paris after the audience got fidgety when a couple of moppets where pulled out the crowd and went for a quick "drive".

              2. Are Jet-Skis involved?
              These disappeared from the Paris show for ages - they may be back now but I can't confirm either way.

              3. Is the Remote controlled car section included?
              I thought this was pretty cool, but (like most of the show) is only fun once.

              ***SPOILERS END***

              Thanks in advance for the info!
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              "I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid.
              Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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                ORDDU: We'll be glad to answer your questions, PeaJay18, Duckling!

                ORWEN: We sure will! First off, we've never seen the Paris version, so don't know for sure how it compares. We've been told they're pretty much the same, though.

                ORDDU: And, yes, Herbie the Love Bug DOES make a cameo appearance. We enjoyed his contribution to the show. Herbie is a much loved Disney character--unique to the Disney Family.

                ORWEN: The remote control thingy for the stunt car is included, too. In the show we saw, they chose a little boy from the audience to demonstrate with. But we felt the whole thing was sort of predictable and brought on a yawn or two. Of course, the sweet little boy must have thought it was WONDERFUL to be a part of the act. He couldn't have been more than 4 years old, I don't think.

                ORDDU: As for the jet ski question, we're not sure. But we will say that--from what we've been hearing since our original post, the reviews are mixed, thus far. Some individuals loved the show. I think a lot has to do with whether or not you're into race cars to begin with.

                ORWEN: Well, I wanted to enjoy it! It's just that the pacing was way off for me. I don't like things to be stopped so much for lengthy explanations. Oh, well. Maybe the rest of you out there will like it and think I should just go stick my head in a black cauldron or something...


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                  Thanks again ladies!

                  Here's a thought - if you feel that the WDW show was slowed to a halt by "directors" etc explaining everything, imagine sitting there whilst they do it in English AND THEN French...

                  "I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid.
                  Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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                    ORDDU: Oooooooooh, we never even considered such a thing until now! Hmmm...well, who knows? Maybe this whole thing will still turn out better than we've presented it, here. The show will most likely go through a tweaking stage, anyway. We'll go back and give it a second chance--I promise. In the meantime, it certainly has been nice chatting with all you precious little goslings!!


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                      I have seen the paris version four times since it opened, and enjoyed it very much. So I am eager to see it reproduced at MGM.

                      But I would not expect much difference from the Paris version. However, I never got to see the jetski act, so it would be neat if it was included. However...knowing how they do things at WDW, then discontinue them once they realize they have to cut back in maintenance and such, I predict the show will eventually be shorten by a stunt or two.

                      Now on to more pressing questions... when will they finally close that tired Indy stunt show for good and replace it with the Indiana Jones & the Temple of Gators ride???


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                        ORGOCH: Hey, yerself up there, TDLFAN!! Didn't I used ta know ya in another life? Another dimension somewhere's???


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