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Magic Your Way, How Does it work?


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  • Magic Your Way, How Does it work?

    Can anyone Tell me how this works? I'm not sure what i'm reading on this can someone clarify?
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    I understand it but it's hard for me to explain.

    The one thing I can explain is that the manager at the Disney store told me that for a few more dollars you can get your tickets with no experation.

    So we're goign to get a "7 day" set for 2 so with that plus our CM tickest every year we can have a 2 day WDW vacation for 7 years.

    Try the following link, maybe it can help. Magic Your Way
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      Okay, here is how I understand the "Magic Your Way" program works.

      There is the base ticket (orange) that can be charged for 3-7 days. The base ticket allows you into one of the four parks on any of they days. No park hopping and you must use the remaining days with 14 days of first use. You can purchase the no expiration option at WDW (not in the store).

      The next ticket is the Park Hopper Option, 3-7 days, you can park hop between the four main parks for as many days. The same expiration deal applies.

      After that is the Magic Your Way Option, 3-7 days, no park hopping but access to Pleasure Island, the water parks, ESPN Zone, and Disney Quest. Same expiration deal.

      Finally is the Premium Option which is access to everything and Park Hopper options. Same expiration.

      There are also food programs, but I don't know how much these cost.

      Hope that helps!


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        Magic Your Way

        Magic Your Way tickets start with a base ticket. The Base ticket is ONE Theme park per Day. (MK, EC, AK, D-MGM)
        The base ticket will expire 14 days from the FIRST use.

        Determine how many days you want 1-7 or 10

        If you want to Park Hop you buy the park hopping option ....$35.00 regardless of the number of days

        If you want the NO Expiration Option it will cost extra based on the number of days your ticket is for, but your tickets will never expire.

        If your plans are going to include Pleasure Island, Wide World of Sports, Disney Quest or the water parks, the the Plus Pack option is needed. These will include a number of admissions to any of the "other gated attractions" based on the length of your base ticket.

        The Premium ticket, is the Base ticket with park hopping and the Magic Plus Pack

        Tickets can be modified or upgraded within 14 days of the first use. If you buy a 4 day base ticket, and after 2 days in the park, decide you want to park hopt the remaining two days, just buy the park hopping option. If you buy a 4 day ticket, and decide you really need 6, add on the two extra days. If you buy a 4 day ticket with park hopping and decide you want 5 days with no park hopping, you can change it as long as you have not park hopped. Once you use an option, you must keep it.

        You can upgrade a ticket, but cannot downgrade it. (i.e. buy a 3 day base and decide you only want 2 day base. However if a 4 day base ticket is less than a three day ticket with the park hopping option, then you can. As long as the actual dollar value of the ticket remains the same or is more then the ticket can be changed.

        All ticket changes must be made within the 14 day from first use timeframe and all tickets are not refundable.

        If you are planning on more than 7 days, the annual pass is the best option.

        There arre basically 3 Magic your Way Vacation Packages

        Hotel Stay with MYW ticket

        Hotel Stay with MYW ticket and Dining This package includes 1 Snack, 1 Counter Service, and 1 Table Service meal coupon per day. Signature Restaurants and Dinner Shows require 2 Table Service Meal coupons. (Coupons are on your room key not actual paper coupon) Generallty the cost for dining is $35 a day. If you plan right this could be a great bargain.
        A Snack is considered as a coke, or popcorn, or ice cream bar
        Counter Service would be things like Cosmic Rays, ABC Commissary, Electric Umbrella
        Table Service is places like 1900 Park Fare, Crystal Palace, Biergarten, Prime Time, Mama Melroses, LeCellier, Concourse Steakhouse, 'Ohana
        Signature Restaurants would be the dinner shows (Luau and Hoop Dee Doo), California Grill, Narcoossees. The dining brochure lists which restaurants are considered "Signature" but basically if you are familiar with the old Silver/Gold Plans, almost every restaurant that required 2 "wishes" with those plans requires teh 2 table service with the new plan.

        Then there is the premium plan, which includes everything including Cirque Du Soleil, meals, recreation, and select tours. (similar to the old Gold/Platinum Plans).

        Hope that clarifies things.
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          Pretty good explanation, ti2gr. Very thorough. (Though perhaps a little overkill on covering ALL the possibilities of trading in, upgrading and downgrading)

          Just a side note, they now offer 8 and 9 day tickets as well.



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            ORDDU: Oh! I thought this was going to be a topic about which spells you prefer to cast over others! My mistake. Sorry!


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              Originally posted by RobS
              Pretty good explanation, ti2gr. Very thorough. (Though perhaps a little overkill on covering ALL the possibilities of trading in, upgrading and downgrading)

              Just a side note, they now offer 8 and 9 day tickets as well.

              Yes Rob I know that as well. I work there, so I should. We just don't get many requets for anything beyond the 7 days, except for the 10 day. Again if you want more than 7 days, the annual pass is the best option.


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