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Colonel Critchlow: Donde Esta?!


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  • [Question] Colonel Critchlow: Donde Esta?!

    This is my first thread, so please be kind.

    Click image for larger version

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    Despite living a couple of states away from Florida for virtually the entire length of the Adventurer's Club existence, I never managed to make it down to Orlando. Didn't even know the club existed until a couple of years ago in fact. Thanks to the wonder of the 'net, I've been able to experience much of the club through Youtube.

    So, thank you to all of those who took the time to post your clips! I've enjoyed them greatly.

    I've read that a couple of props ended up as permanent fixtures @ Disney World, but the majority of them were sent to Mystic Manor in Hong Kong. Was the Colonel part of that package? Or, has he taken up residence elsewhere? Inquiring minds would like to know!

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    Re: Colonel Critchlow: Donde Esta?!

    I don't know where the Colonel is, but Slappy is at Trader Sams at the Disneyland Hotel. I saw a picture of him in a recent miceage article. I ma not sure which one though, so you will have to look around a bit.


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      Re: Colonel Critchlow: Donde Esta?!

      They had put him with the "soon to be for sale" items in the Cast Connection shop behind Magic Kingdom a few years back; he was going to be up for bidding, but they was suddenly removed, supposedly by the archives people (one can hope).

      Hasn't reappeared since.


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        Re: Colonel Critchlow: Donde Esta?!

        I remember seeing a YouTube video earlier this year where the Archives showed him off. So, don't worry, OP, the Colonel is in the caring hands of Disney's archivists. I don't think he is destined for Hong Kong.

        Edit: Here you go: D23 Presents Disney Geek - YouTube


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