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Character pool (please help!)

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  • [Question] Character pool (please help!)

    So I auditioned for the third time yesterday and was fitted for the second time (both times for different face characters). And last time I got an email a few days after that said "After evaluation your audition we were unable to put you in the role of A****. You do not meet the requirements to become a character performer". This time I received an email only 24 hours after my audition which said "After evaluating your audition we are unable to place you in the role of V****, but you meet the requirements to become a character performer so we are placing you in the character pool.... six months... yada yada". So my question is if I am not able to be V**** who am I in the pool for? did they mean I just can't be V**** at this moment and I'm in the pool to wait for a spot for her ooorrr I am in the pool to wait for a different spot to open up in my height range they think I fit in?? I am 5'3" - 5'4" if that helps. I was also curious how often people in the character pool even get called, is it just kind of limbo or is it actually promising? Any info would be awesome! please & thank you

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    Re: Character pool (please help!)

    The way it sounds to me is that you didn't get face, but are now in the pool to wait for a spot for fur to open up.
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      Re: Character pool (please help!)

      I agree with Joanna. It sounds like they liked what you did at the audition and would consider you for fur once a spot opens up but they didn't like you as A or V. I would say though that since this is the third time you've auditioned and they've fitted you in two different face characters, don't give up on face because it is obvious, to me at least, that they do think your face is good for a character they just haven't decided which one would be best yet.