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Adventureland being taken over by Jack Sparrow?


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  • [Chat] Adventureland being taken over by Jack Sparrow?

    I really consider this just a thought when I heard of the pirate game coming to Adventureland. I always overlook Jack in the ride, and overlook the Pirates League as well. This game just sounds too over the top, how many interactive games does this place need? Agent P, Sorcerers, now this they're milking the cow that is in park games dry. All of Adventureland is becoming less of exploring the world, and more of a find Jack Sparrow type deal. I love Pirates of the Caribbean just to make it clear I'm not ranting, but how long will it be before the whole film series is milked dry?

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    Re: Adventureland being taken over by Jack Sparrow?

    I already feel like it has been milked dry. I have ZERO interest in any more of the Pirates stuff. I used to LOVE the series.. but now I could not care less.

    I am sure there are still people who love Jack Sparrow, as it seems like his little mini-show in Adventureland always draws a bit of a crowd.

    I am going to wait and see on judgement though. I have been really impressed with how much kids love doing these games and quests, and while this "isn't how we theme parked in my day" the kids really seem to get a lot out of this. I have had my nieces and nephew participate in it, and it took us almost all day to do the Kim Possible one and that is what they remember and talk about... so mission accomplished Disney. However I do not think an entire park experience does this make.
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