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Tom Sawyers Isleland and Paint Brushes


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  • [Question] Tom Sawyers Isleland and Paint Brushes

    A guide book we picked up for our kids to get them excited about our trip mentioned something I have NEVER heard about on these boards or others...

    The guide book says that every morning on TSI at WDW the Castmembers hide paint brushes for the first few raft loads of guests to find. Those that find them and turn them in get some "prizes" such as a fast pass or a coupon for a sweet treat.

    True? Used to be done but no longer? News to you?

    We ask because.....

    A) Our kids LOVE DL TSI. I mean LOVE IT because unlike so much of the park that is "walk to point A. Stand in line. Sit and ride. Rinse and repeat" TSI gives them free run over what must seem like a wilderness to explore. Sometimes it is good to remember that the world through the eyes of a 5 and 7 year old is just DIFFERENT than how we view it (or remember how we viewed it).

    B) While we will definately visit TSI multiple times on our upcoming trip, if the paint brush rumor is true we will actually make a serious effort to get over on the first raft. Our kids LOVE easter egg hunts so this could be a trip highlight.

    Thanks in advance
    8 days and counting ;-)

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    Re: Tom Sawyers Isleland and Paint Brushes

    This did happen, and it ended I think about 2 years ago. I have not verfied if it restarted, I don't think so. This is why talk about it is not common like it was a few years back.

    I like to let my neice and nephew run around there and the other play areas too. These non rides tend to be what they want to spend the most time on. I try to hit these places midday when the crowds are peaking and a little break from standing in line goes a long way.
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      Re: Tom Sawyers Isleland and Paint Brushes

      I don't know about the paint brushes but you should have your kids ask a boat captain, monorail driver, bus driver etc. for transportation cards. It's sort of a hunt for a collection of 30 something cards that feature Disney transportation items. I just found out about on my last visit.


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        Re: Tom Sawyers Isleland and Paint Brushes

        As swampymarsh had posted, the paintbrush hunt on TSI has sadly ended. I am fairly certain that it has not returned. Sorry.

        DisneySam's suggestion of getting a transportation cards, though, is still active and would make a unique souvenir for your trip.


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          Re: Tom Sawyers Isleland and Paint Brushes

          It is long gone.
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